Lair of Dark World

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
Submission Date: June 17th 2018
Author: Danazane
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A deck that was a better idea on paper than it actually turned out to be. Focused on stunning and fucking up the oponent's resources.

Also it's not even 40 cards.You could drop Masked Chameleon and some of the normal traps (most notably Waking the Dragon, which is there mostly so that set backrow won't be popped, as once it's searched with Lilith the opponent has no fucking idea if what you set was it), but they allow you to do cool shit, which is the only important thing here, really.

Deck List
MonsterDarkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair x2
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World x3
Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World x3
Snoww, Unlight of Dark World x3
Ahrima, the Wicked Warden x2
Masked Chameleon x3
Lilith, Lady of Lament x3
Broww, Huntsman of Dark World x3
Tour Guide From the Underworld x1
SpellsAllure of Darkness x3
Dragged Down into the Grave x1
Dark World Dealings x3
The Gates of Dark World x3
Lair of Darkness x2
TrapsFull Force Virus x1
Waking the Dragon x1
Mind Crush x1
Eradicator Epidemic Virus x1
Crush Card Virus x1
Mamemaki x3
Grinning Grave Virus x1
Dark World Brainwashing x2
ExtraPSY-Framelord Omega x1
Black Rose Moonlight Dragon x1
Number 77: The Seven Sins x1
Number 84: Pain Gainer x1
Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon x1
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon x1
Number 22: Zombiestein x1
Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon x1
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon x1
Constellar Ptolemy M7 x1
Tornado Dragon x1
Leviair the Sea Dragon x1
Apprentice Witchling x3
SideAhrima, the Wicked Warden x1
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree x1
Ascension Sky Dragon x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1
Constellar Ptolemy M7 x1
Constellar Omega x1
Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir x1
The Phantom Knights of Break Sword x1
Summon Sorceress x1
Terraforming x3
Mind Crush x1
Deck Devastation Virus x1
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