Kozmo Beginner Budget Master Duel

Deck Information
Deck Type: Master Duel Decks
Deck Master: Kozmo Dark Destroyer
Submission Date: January 26th 2022
Last Updated: February 28th 2022
Author: Schwa
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This is a budget deck that I made for Yugioh Master Duel that I've seen very good success with, making my way through plat twice now. Of the 12 UR's, 5 are free/guaranteed, 2-3 are optional,  and only 4-5 are really important and need to be made/found. I don't think I'm super amazing at this game, or that this deck is unbeatable or anything, but its easy to pilot and can get you results up to about plat 4 while being very fun. The main goal of this deck is to go from the Psychic type pilot to the Machine type ships, and then back once the ships are destroyed. This can lead to many interresting plays like ladder combos where you combo a Pilot into another Pilot (repeat as available) into a machine finisher or self destroying ships to bring out one more suited for the current situation.  I will start off defining the roles of each card in this deck. I know this is very long, and I do think its worth it to read all of it, but I will be putting tl:dr's for everything right below them so you don't have to do excessive reading if you don't want to.

MAJOR UPDATE 1: I found this deck to be missing draw ability, so I bit the bullet and crafted 3 Pot Of Extravagance's and mill proofed my extra deck by swapping out the filler for more copies of the important stuff. I also dropped 1 Strawman and Bottomless Trap Hole to make room for these PoE's, meaning I'm now at 41 cards. You can choose to keep those in if you like them, since as a pure +1 PoE doesn't really take up deck space in the traditional sense.

MAJOR UPDATE 2: After much deliberation, I have decided to swap out both copies of Fiendish Chain for Lost Wind. This isn't a straight upgrade, as Fiendish Chain's ability to stop attacking is incredibly valuable, but I have decided that the pros of Lost Wind, being its reusability, it not being a continuous trap that will usually become a deadweight row, and ability to make getting over bigger monsters easier, outweigh that one singular advantage for Fiendish Chain. Lost Wind wasn't the only alternative option I considered, as I also looked into Solemn Strike. but due to this deck's budget nature I believe that Lost Wind does an ok enough imitation of Strike to justify passing on the much more expensive Strike (if you have the dust go for Strike though, 1500 life points is basically nothing.)

MAJOR UPDATE 3: Ash is just too good in this format to be only at 1, so I swapped out the last Strawman and one of the Forerunners for two extra copies. Should be pretty obvious why extra copies of Ash are helpful. They were leftovers from another deck I made, but this deck still was able to get to plat without them so if you're really crunched for gems you can survive without them. The other change I made was swapping out one Dogmatika Punishment for the free Lightning Storm. DP is v good and I still love its flexability, but Lightning Storm is one of the best going 2nd cards in the game (which we want to go) and being able to pop front or back row depending on your needs is great, and is a great otk enabler which this deck can do pretty well.

MAJOR UPDATE 4: Rebudgetized the deck, since it was starting to get up there in terms of cost and that was contrary to the stated goal of this deck. The extra deck mostly remade in order to reflect its rarity of use, 2 Ash's were swapped out for Gamma's (which work better in this deck most of the time anyways), and Harpies was swapped back out, leaving Lightning Storm as the primary backrow removal since its given away for free. Adjusted a few other ratios as well.


Psy-Frame Driver x1: Driver is a level 6 normal monster with 2500/0. It is only here because Gamma needs it to work. Despite that, if you can get it on your turn its hardly useless, as a 2500 beatstick on player phase is nice, and you can also take it and Gamma and go into links. If at all possible you want Driver to end up in the graveyard before the end of the turn its summoned, as your 2nd Gamma can use him from there but not the banish zone, so ramming it, sacrificing it, or using it as material should always be the priority if you proc it on player phase. Overall a garnet, but as far as garnets go its not the worst. Some people run 2 of this to make sure both their Gamma's will go off, but games don't last that long so I think thats foolish. Run at 1.

Driver tl,dr: Your Gamma's powercell, try and get it in the grave.

Kozmo Tincan x3: Tincan is a level 1 monster with 0/0 that in the endphase, can pay 500 lifepoints to search 3 Kozmo cards from your deck w different names and your opponent blindly picks one for you to add to your hand, and like all pilots you can banish them at basically any point into a higher leveled Kozmo from your hand (Im not gonna mention this effect from now on unless theres smth dif about it for the monster). Tincan is one of your two best no trib options along with Farm Girl, and is going to generally be your best turn 1 option due to being able search without needing to attack unlike Farm Girl. This getting Ashed if you dont already have a ship or Wickedwitch in your hand can be disasterous in predictable ways, but even with the risk of that I'd rather go with this over Strawman, Farmgirl, and Goodwitch even if I'm feeling very cautious because the reward is so high. Theres only a ~33% chance of your opponent having Ash in their opening hand  if they're running it at 3 in a 40 card deck, so while it can be anxiety inducing statistically you're probably gonna be fine. Being able to get an untargetable 2800 atk+ beatstick guaranteed with this things effect is really really strong, and if you already have your beatstick ready then going for Kozmotown for banishment returnal, Dark Lady for ladder combos, or Sliprider for backrow removal are nice alternative paths to shoot for. His 0 attack doesn't lend itself to ladder combos nearly as well as Farm Girl's 1500+search does, but being the lowest level pilot means that he will always have something to combo into if you have another Kozmo in your hand which is nice. Can be searched by E Tele, but he should never be the target unless all 5 of your Strawmans and Farmgirls are unavailable somehow. Overall a very strong card that can open up many different routes for you to take.

Tincan tl,dr: Best option for turn 1, usually wanna search Forerunner/Destroyer/Eclipse

Kozmo Strawman x2 DROPPED TO 1 DROPPED TO 0: Strawman is a level 2 500/1800 that you can pay 500 lp to return one of your banished Kozmos for a turn with their effect negated before they get thrown back. Honestly in my opinion Strawman is probably the weakest of the no trib Kozmos that I actually use, and with more gems I might swap them out for more copies of Ash or smth, but I wanted more opening board consistency for having something out so its here now and so I'm still gonna go over it. Strawman's return effect isn't super great or useful since Kozmotown does basically the same thing but without effect negation, and the effects are what make these monsters good most of the time. Obviously you're not always gonna have Kozmotown, but this deck already can run generally pretty fine even without Kozmotown so a worse version of that isn't exactly making a great case for it being here. With that being said, a free monster is a free monster, and when you have something that loves clear boards as much as Farm Girl does even a dumb beatstick will be pretty useful at times. Speaking of Farm Girl, being able to ladder into her is another one of his big selling points, and he's the only one with an actual attack stat to be able to do so. 500 chip may not sound like a lot, and it really isnt, but a Straw-Farm-Destroyer combo does 5k which is pretty beefy, and that extra 500 is the difference between being able to kill off of your next from full  Straw-4 star-Dark Lady-Destroyer ladder vs them living on 4 or 500 lp. This situation doesn't happen a whole lot, especially not with a clear board that Strawman would need to start this combo, but its not the most impossible thing to set up, especially with all the monster removal packed in this deck. It can also be searched by E Tele, but most of the time it's better to go for Farmgirl. Overall not great, feel free to replace imo but its hard to make a truly awful pilot.

Strawman tl,dr: Not a great card and can be replaced, but while it's here recycling from banish for 500 is pretty nice

Psy-Framegear Gamma x2: Gamma is a level 2 tuner 1000/0 that can't be normal summoned or set, and has the effect that when your opponent activates a monster effect while you control no monsters, you can negate and destroy that and special summon Gamma and Driver to the field, and then at the end of the turn banish them. This should be Kozmo's hand trap of choice. As an enemy phase card this is straight up better than Ash, as trading the ability to hit spell/traps for the ability to negate any effect and destroy the monster while also fortifying your own board is a trade I am extremely comfortable with making. Because this deck combos vertically instead of horizontally, this card is usually better than Ash on player phase too, as our cards get themselves off the field before their effects, which means if your ship gets popped and you're banishing for a search if it gets Ashed you can continue the search with 3500 damage extra now on the board, usually enough to go for game. This card is semi Ash proof as its effect can be negated by Ash but you don't lose any resources and its not a once per turn, so you can just use it again on the next monster effect your opponent procs. Whether its better to use Gamma on enemy phase or player phase is very matchup dependent, as if theyre ending on something like Apollo then thats free advantage for you on your turn, but if theyre something like tri then popping their normal when it goes to use its link effect can be a huge momentum shift. Since this is a going 2nd deck we have the advantage of knowing the situation better than our opponent, so make sure you're really putting thought as to when best to use this given your hand, your opponents deck, and the current situation.  Overall this is an incredible card that feels like it was made for this deck (it can even be searched by E Tele!), def run it at as many copies as are legal.

Gamma tl,dr: Stop plays, get advantage, win games

Kozmo Farmgirl x3: Farmgirl is a level 3 1500/1000 that if it inflicts battle damage, you can pay 500 life points to add any Kozmo card to your hand. This is the beating heart of the deck. Making clear front rows for her to get a potshot in and start the comboing is the goal of many of the trap cards in the deck. Her being level 3 is an absolute blessing, because that means that its eligible for E Tele, and she will usually be the best target for it in this deck. 1500 atk isn't nothing, but you're usually going to have to rely on traps or a ship to blast open a hole for her to proc her effect, which as I said before isn't super hard to do. Being able to search for ANY Kozmo card from your deck means that it can be easily tailored to fit your current situation, but the most common cards you'll go for are Dark Destroyer for its beefy attack, sometimes its monster removal and recycling effect (that Eclipser doesn't have), Sliprider for when you need a backrow card sniped, Dark Lady for when you already have a beefy ship in the hand and want to ladder, and Kozmotown for when you really just want Kozmotown idk. Now, most combos with this card are very self apparent, since there's really only so much you can do with a single fetch in this deck, but there is one slightly less obvious combo that I wanted to highlight due to its power. The prerequisites for this combo are that you have both Farmgirl and either Tincan/Strawman on the field, no ship in the hand, and a way to get damage with Farmgirl (obviously). This situation can be quite easily set up by either fetching one of these (usually Tincan) with a dying ship's effect on enemy phase and then summoning the other, or just E Tele one and summon the other. After getting the damage with Farmgirl, fetch another Farmgirl and swap her in on top of Straw/Tin, and then potshot with the new Farmgirl and fetch a new ship to go on top of one of the Farmgirls. The strengths of this combo are numerous. First off, its the most damaging combo you can get off of this situation, where you get a minimum of 5100 damage (FG 1 getting over whatever it kills by 100 into making a clear board into Strawman 500 into 2nd FG 1500 into Destroyer 3000) vs 3600 without the extra step. The other very strong result is that you end turn with a Farmgirl on your field. More monsters is always good, and having potential access to her ability again next turn is always good. However there are also 2 things to be weary of with this combo, and those are that you can't activate Farmgirls swapout effect multiple times in one turn, even if there are multiple copies. and also that if you have a ship in the hand just going for a ship search is better. Double ships will be more damaging and leave you with guaranteed swaps on death, which is generally better than what Farmgirl can offer on enemy phase. She's not super amazing for turn 1 since she'll usually be off the board before she has a chance to activate her effect, but she doesn't do it particularly worse than Strawman or Good Witch. If you're really ballsy and the only no trib you draw turn 1 is Farm Girl you could go for the no monster play on t1 to give her the best chance of procing her ability t3 since it absolutely is strong enough to consider, but generally thats not advised for obvious reasons. Overall a very very good card and one of the main ways you will start combos with this deck.

Farmgirl tl,dr: Make an opening for her and she will lead you to victory

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1 CHANGED TO x3 DROPPED TO x1: Ash is a level 3 0/1800 tuner that you can discard to stop a card effect that would add to hand from deck, special summon from deck, or send a card from the deck to the graveyard. This card does not have the standard upgrade effect of the other pilots in this deck and can't be fetched by E Tele. I was running this card at 1 because I was too broke to run it at 3, and now with the extra materials I've got from playing the game for an extra month or so I've been able to get another 2. One of the best cards in the game and one of player 2's best defenses against the unchecked tyranny of player 1.

Ash tl,dr: It stops plays from your hand

Kozmo Goodwitch x1: Goodwitch is a level 4 1800/1000 that you can pay 500 lp to change one face up monster your opponent controls to face down defense. In theory Goodwitch's effect should be pretty good. Being able to interupt a continuous monster effect that may be giving you problems or get over a beatstick with bad defenses obviously give it usecases, but in practice I really havent found a whole lot of use of it. A lot of things that have continuous effects that you'd like to interupt can't be targeted, and the beefy beatsticks usually either also cant be targeted or have good enough defenses that it wouldn't help a lot in the first place to swap them. This would obviously be much stronger as a quick effect, but it isnt, so theres no use complaining. Can't be fetched by E Tele (nothing from here on can), but you almost never would even if you could. The 1800 atk is nice enough so you can get over stuff if your opponent bricked or smth, but its not really doing much otherwise. Its one of the 2 worst no trib Kozmos I use alongside Strawman, which is why its at 1, but this deck has a lot of stuff that clear front rows so 1800 damage into tag out is pretty alright even if its effect isnt super great.

Goodwitch tl,dr: Effect is mid, but 1800 atk from a level 4 is nothing to scoff at ig.

Kozmoll Wickedwitch x3: Wickedwitch is a level 4 1900/300 that you can pay 1000 lp during either players turn to make it so this card cant be destroyed by battle or card effects for the rest of the turn. I really like this card. Its the deck's 2nd best turn 1 no trib behind Tincan because its effect will almost guarantee it lives to see turn 2 while dampening whatever damage you'd take by 1900 per attack, which isn't an insignificant amount at all. Its effect also lets it live Tor Trib, which I run at 2 and is something the other pilots don't deal with super amazingly. Even beyond turn 1 it provides good damage and can get over  some stuff. Its effect isn't super team focused or synergistic beyond the TT thing, but who can say no to a good old fashioned lv 4 beat stick in a deck about beatsticking your opponent to death. I think common consensus on this monster is generally mixed to negative, but I like it a lot and am never really annoyed when it shows up in my hand turn 1. I did run this at 2 for a while and it wasn't a super huge deal, but I do like making sure I get my no trib out turn 1 so I switched in a 3rd copy. If you have something you really want to add in here wouldn't be a bad place to make a cut.

Wickedwitch tl,dr: Use its effect to tank stuff and make sure your front row is never empty, strong as a turn 1 play

Kozmo Sliprider x2: Sliprider is a level 5 2300/800 that can destroy 1 spell/trap when it's summoned, and has the first of our ship abilities where when it is destroyed by battle or an opponent's card effect it can banish itself to summon a lower leveled Kozmo from the deck. Sliprider is pretty good and has a clear usecase: there is an annoying backrow card and you want to get rid of it or you want to preemptively get rid of one. This deck is generally light on backrow removal, with Dogmatika Punishment into N'tss and Harpies Feather Duster being the only other 2 options, so this serves a valuable niche. Its also supremely summonable, being able to be fetched by all the ships (outside Eclipse) and summoned by all the pilots (outside Dark Lady), and if you're in a situation where your effects are being limited it only requires 1 tribute as disgusting as that is to even consider in this deck. The tradeoff for its summonability is that its comboability is gerneally weaker than most other stuff in the deck, but even w that said compared to a lot of stuff outside of the deck fetching a free level 4 or lower on death is very comboable. On its destruction effect for both player phase and enemy phase Wickedwitch is generally going to be your best bet due to its beefiness and survivability, but as always context is king so don't treat that as a hard rule and the other no tribs also all have situations where they should be fetched instead. 2300 atk is nice if you need to attack with this, but generally this card isn't gonna be used for laddering since its the weakest of the 3 ships in this deck by a good margin. This is a good card with common usecases, but due to the decks explosive nature you don't really need to run more than 2 imo. You could easily swap out Dark Eclipser or one of your Forerunners for another one of these if you want more utility over beatsticking, or even drop this to 1 in exchange for a Spell/Trap of your choice if its summonability makes it consistent enough for your preference.

Sliprider tl,dr: Backrow removal that goes into other stuff on death

Kozmoll Dark Lady x1 CHANGED TO x2: Dark Lady is a level 5 2200/1800 that as a quick effect once per turn you can pay 1000 lifepoints to negate the activation of a monster's effect and destroy that monster. Despite being level 5, Dark Lady has the pilot's banish effect rather than the ships. This card is generally pretty niche in its uses, but its very strong in its niches. By default it being level 5 makes it less flexible, but it has the same high amount of summonability as Sliprider so it gets around that quite nicely. Its effect is pretty darn good, obviously being able to neg anything active without a protection effect is very strong, but the problem with this is that most of the effects that give this deck problems are either effect negaters, which are usually either passive or on cards bigger than this. This card has to be used as a an predictive play rather than a reactionary play, because if something that negates effects is going to happen it will be able to negate the pilot's effects that would bring this out, but a 2200 with no protection vs backrow effects doesn't have the greatest shelf life. Despite this bellyaching the effect is still very good, and I have considered even swapping out a Forerunner for another copy of this. This effects is good, but the main draw for this card to me is as the biggest pilot in a ladder combo. Level 5 is a bit of an awkward level to be searching up or down in this deck, but I do think searching up is better for it as it can combo into your untargetable bosses and off itself as the situation demands. As I said before a full ladder of farm-lv 4-lady-destroyer will kill from full, and while this is on the less practical side the shorter farm-lady-bigship combo is incredibly practical and easy to pull off, and deals a fat 6500 minimum. I only ran this at 1 because its easier for this to become a bit of a brick than most other monsters in this deck, but being the difference between a ladder killing from full vs not is  worth making a spot for still and following that logic its generally something I'd like in my hand, so I bumped it up to 2. If I were making cuts I would look elsewhere first.

Dark Lady tl,dr: Good for ladder combos and interrupting combos

Kozmo Forerunner x3 DROPPED TO x2: Forerunner is a level 7 2800/1400 that is untargetable by opponents card effects and heals you 1000 lp during your standby phase. This card has the ship banish effect. This is the first of the boss monsters, and as such its usecase of "I want a fat unmovable beatstick" is pretty apparent. Can (and usually will) be comboed into by Dark Destroyer's death effect which makes getting it out plenty easy. 2800 atk is plenty decent and will get it over most non superbosses. The 1000 lp healing is really not super useful unless you're in a crazy stalemate, the lp costs in this deck are very low and almost never come into play. On death I usually go into Dark Lady or Wickedwitch depending on whether it died on player phase or enemy phase. Honestly not a super complicated card, what you see is what you get. I often see this being run at 1 or 2, but I run it at 3 because I value getting out a boss early to punch holes for Farmgirl so for this build in particular I wouldn't suggest going below 2.

Forerunner tl,dr: Untargetable beatstick that can go into other stuff on death

Kozmo Dark Destroyer x3: Dark Destroyer is a level 8 3000/1800 that is untargetable by opponents card effects and can optionally target and destroy 1 monster on entry. This has the ship banish effect. This is the Big Boss of the deck, and is usually what you are going to try and go into. Beyond just being an untargetable 3000 beatstick, its on entry effect makes it one of the most versitile cards in the deck. You can pull interesting plays such as bringing it in during the battle phase and proccing its effect on a teammate ship that already attacked to get more damage out of the new monster summoned by the ships banish effect, you can proc its effect on itself and search out Sliprider if you really need a backrow card gone right now, or you could even destroy an opponents monster with it! Dark Destroyer also has the best banish effect of any monster in this deck, giving you the monster of your choice for free. I usually go with Forerunner since that has very similar board presence, but hopefully these writeups will have given you the situations where all the other cards would be useful so you don't just autopilot into Forerunner no matter the situation.  This ability doesn't just work on other monsters, but it can also proc on itself. "But Schwa, why would you want to get rid of your own best monster?" you may ask. And the answer to that is "For sick plays." There are two major scenarios where this can be great, beyond the obvious "I need a backrow popped so lemme go into sliprider rq".  The first doesn't really pop up in this deck since Strawman was dropped, but if you summon Dark Destroyer, pop itself, and go into Strawman which then revives Dark Destroyer. It's not a super crazy combo, but its free attack and free advantage, so if you're running Strawman keep that one in mind. The other one is much, much stronger. Say you're going second and open Raigeki, Kozmotown, Goodwitch, Forerunner, and Dark Destroyer. A pretty decent hand right? Your first reaction might be to play Town and gamble on recycling Forerunner into Farmgirl, but thats actually completely unnecessary, as if your Raigeki goes off you have a clear path to game. What you would do in this situation is start with Goodwitch and attack as usual, then go into Dark Destroyer as usual, but pop itself and then go into Farmgirl. From there you do the typical ladder combo. As long as you have a level 4, Dark Destroyer, and either a big ship or Dark Lady in your opening hand you can do the full combo. 3000 atk is usually enough to get the job done over most stuff, but if it isnt then thats why we have our xyz's. Endgame often results in multiple of these on the board, which is why the only xyz's I specifically looked for and that arent just ed filler are rank 8's. Zombiestein get you over basically everything with its 4500 atk and Teardrop's effect circumvents "Cant be destroyed" effects, but these cards also lose Destroyer's protection effect and you also lose Destroyer's banish effect so don't just go into those willy nilly. Overall this is your Big Boss monster, its incredibly easy to put out on the field, and its incredible effects make it incredibly versatile. If you're not running this at 3 its either because this got semi-limited again or because you're throwing.

Destroyer tl,dr: Your endgoal. Increidbly versatile untargetable beatstick that goes into basically anything else on death. Should prolly read this one imo.

Kozmo Dark Eclipse x1: Dark Eclipse is a level 9 3000/2600 that is untargetable by opponents card effects, and during either players turn you can banish 1 Kozmo monster from your graveyard to negate and destroy a trap card activation. This has a unique banish effect, where when its destroyed you can add a lower leveled Kozmo to your hand instead of special summoning it like the other ships. Ok so first off, its active effect sounds good! It isn't. You will very rarely have a Kozmo sitting in your graveyard since their effects are all activated by banishing themselves, and passing up opportunities to keep the tempo up just to have fodder for this generally isn't worth it. Its harder to get on the field than basically anything else in the deck, only having the no tribs as its entryway. Its banish effect is also pretty bad compared to everything else, since I don't have to tell you why just adding to hand is worse than special summoning here. Obviously being able to turn this into a free Dark Destroyer might be a bit much, but as is its not very good. Maybe they could have made it search upwards instead of downwards so you could have got a free Dark Planet off of it and that could have made Dark Planet not so awful, but I'm getting into hypotheticals when I should be sticking to the here and now. Anyways, if its active effect sucks, its banish effect sucks, and its comparatively hard to get on the field, whats even the point of this being in the deck? Well, for one its still a 3000 att untargetable beatstick that can be swapped into by any no trib in the deck, which is pretty darn good, if not already covered by multiple other cards in this deck. The other, more interesting case to be made for it is in its interaction with Kozmo Tincan. As you will recall, Tincans effect lets you pick 3 Kozmo cards with different names from you deck and your opponent randomly chooses one of those for you to add to your hand, with the others getting discarded. Generally you will want to try and use this effect to bring out one of your untargetable boss monsters, but without Eclipse you only have 2 of those, making it a 33% chance you get stuck with Sliprider or Dark Lady or Kozmotown or whatever you chose as your third. Add on top the risk of just getting Ashed and you're not looking at a super incredible success rate. However, WITH Eclipse in the deck you have an 100% success rate in being given a boss monster, which is huge for consistency's sake. Even better for Eclipse, you will recall that these non-picked cards are sent to the graveyard, fixing its problem of very rarely having fodder with which to use for its effect. This effect moves those other boss monsters from the generally inaccessible graveyard to the much more easy to retrieve banish zone, making this a win win win situation. Overall, obviously I do have my issues with Eclipse, but its interaction with Tincan and its board presence make it worth running at 1 just for the added consistency it brings there. If you're fine nerfing Tincan pretty harshly you can swap this out for something else.

Eclipse tl,dr: Good off of tincan and an untargetable beatstick, not much else going for it


Raigeki x1: Raigeki is a normal spell that destroys all monsters your opponent controls. Non targeting monster removal is always good and making a clear front row for Farmgirl to start comboing off of is always good. Overall this is a generic staple for a reason, and it fits in well here.

Harpie's Feather Duster x1 DROPPED: Feather Duster is a normal spell that destroys all spell and traps that your opponent controls. Originally I had Monster Reborn here when I first made this deck, since its free and obviously great, but it was too reliant on whatever my opponent decided to dump in the graveyard and this deck didn't really have a ton of backrow removal back then so I decided to bite the bullet and craft a HFD. Destroying or forcing premature activations of spells and traps is always good, and being able to attack with a clear heart and mind is reason enough for this to be in the deck. Overall another generic staple that helped patch up a bit of a weak spot with this deck.

Lightning Storm x1: This card lets you destroy all attack position monsters your opponent controls or all trap and spells your opponent controls, but only if you control no face up cards. This is basically Raigeki and Harpies in one. Obvs v v good.

Kozmotown x3: Kozmotown is a field spell that: once per turn lets you return one banished Kozmo monster to your hand at the cost of 100xlv life points, once per turn lets you shuffle any number of Kozmo monsters from your hand back into your deck and then draw that many cards, and when destroyed from the field by a card effect lets you search any Kozmo card from your deck and add to hand. Ok, for starters this is not a lifeblood card, this deck can play and win a duel without ever once seeing this card. It is, however, a really good card that makes the deck more consistent and mobile. Its first effect is going to be its most used one. Making it so that you don't have to rely on drawing new pilots or ships after you offed them in order to keep momentum going is a godsend. If turn 1 you draw a pilot, a ship, and this (not an uncommon scenario at all!) you could much more confidently transition into the ship on player phase instead of waiting until enemy phase because you can recycle the pilot instantly. Making it so banishments don't stick is so obviously and self explanatorily good that I'm not going to go into it, since the answer to "Is it worth giving up less than 1000 lp to bring back whatever I want from banishment?" is yes 99% of the time. The second effect isnt going to be used as much as the first, but its still very useful if you're trying to get to a specific non-searchable like Raigeki or if you already have your pilot out and are trying to find a better ship for your hand. If you have this on the field then a lot of the time anything beyond 2 pilots on the field + hand is going to be overkill since you can retrieve them for free, so anything beyond those is a free swap. Only draw pilots? Pick one and swap the rest. Only draw ships? Pick one and swap the rest. Only draw backrow? Set them and pray you live until you can swap LMAO. Another pretty self explanatory effect. The death effect is maybe the strongest, and is usually not known by other players on the ladder who will carelessly pop it often. You can get a free boss or a pilot of your choosing (refer to section 1 to get a good idea of the scenarios where each of those would be useful), or if you feel like you had a good thing going you can just pick up another Kozmotown. Like I said before, Kozmotown isnt a lifeblood card, so honestly I'm usually pretty happy when this effect is popped since it gets me a tailor picked card for the current situation. Overall, despite me emphasizing a few times that you can definitely win without getting this card in a game this is still a very strong card to have, and should always be run at 3. If you like its effect enough you can even throw in Terraforming and Metaverse, but I don't think thats necessary at all and I'd probably sooner run it at 2 than at 4 or 5.

Kozmotown tl,dr: Most of its effects are pretty straighforward and obvious, read the card

Emergency Teleport x2: Emergency Teleport (or E Tele as I've been calling it) is a quickplay spell card that special summons one level 3 or lower Psychic monster from your hand or deck and banishes it during this turn's end phase. This card is nuts, like actually insane. 95% of the time we get a level 3 or lower Psychic on the field it's going to be banished before the end of the turn anyways, so this is just a free either turn pilot to either shore up your defenses on enemy phase or lead to huge combos on player phase. The obvious play out of this card is Farmgirl on player phase into ladder combo, which is made much easier because you still have your normal summon for the turn which can then turn itself into a ship to blast a hole in the enemy front row, and from there just go to town. You can also go into Strawman, since returning smth from banishment for some juicy damage is always nice, but that can leave you a bit bare at the end of the turn. As for Tincan I do not know how that card interacts with this one, as I have not tried that combo. If you want to risk it be my guest, but I still think the other two options are better even if it does work because you wont be able to swap Tincan into a ship if you're going for its effect. The two things to be aware of with this card is that all the pilot effects are once per turn tied to the card name, so if you swap out one Farm Girl for a ship then you won't be able to do so with your other Farm Girl that you may have summoned with this, and also that with multiples of the same monster on the field it can become easy to lose track of which one you summoned with this card. Overall this card is insane and you should run as many copies of it as are legal in the current format.

E Tele tl,dr: Go into Farmgirl and go nuts

Pot Of Extravagance x3 ADDED: Pot of Extravagance is a normal spell card that at the begining of your main phase 1, you can randomly banish 3 or 6 cards from your extra deck in order to draw 1 or 2 cards respectively, and you can't use any other draw effects the turn this card is used. This card wasn't in the original deck loadout because I was very SR broke, but I believe that was a mistake and that this should definitely be ran. As I play more against stronger meta decks this deck's comparatively weak card gain ability has been highlighted more and more, and this is the best Pot Of for this specific deck, as we don't really use our extra deck for much. Even though we don't really use our extra deck for summoning, this card does require us to prep our extra deck with a bit more care than we originally did, so if you decide that would be too expensive you can either a) drop DP for a different monster or backrow removing card, which has the unfortunate side effect of removing our 2nd best removal card, b) accept that this card will introduce randomness and more uncertainty to DP and keep running it, which has the unfortunate side effect of making rng more prevalent for this deck, or c) run this at 1, drop only one of Strawman/Bottomless Trap Hole, and be conservative with its effect, which has the unfortunate side effect of not really being worth the deck space imo. This works best when you're not scared that you'll turn DP into something not particularly great and are 0k with procing its 6 banish effect, which can be scary if you're only running 1 N'tss, so imo the best solution will be running the 3 N'tss, 3 Wind Pegasus, 3 DMK, and 2 FGD which will cost you a pretty penny. If you're reluctant to spend beyond the 1 N'tss just going for the 3 Wind Pegasus should usually be consistent enough in being able to remove some backrow off of DP, but Wind Peg is obviously worse than N'tss in most situations so that will have to be a decision you make for yourself. Adding the 2 extra Dragon Master Knight's shouldn't be hard at all, its only an R. Overall this card is basically a free +1, with its only side effect being that sometimes DP will be less consistent. With proper extra deck preperation even that side effect drops away, leaving only a free add.

PoE tl,dr: You're gonna have to pony up for a few more Wind Peg's and DMK's at the very least, but a free +1 is going to be worth that every time.


Torrential Tribute x2: Tor Trib is a normal trap card that destroys all monsters on the field when a monster is summoned. Non targeting monster destruction is always good, and the ships obviously weather this effect much better than most other monsters due to their banish effects. Wickedwitch can also tank this effect with her own, which is a nice little bit of synergy. Overall this is a nice little card that is working towards the goal of opening up holes for Farmgirl to take advantage of, and also just destroying opponents monsters is pretty good sometimes. I think it works well here at 2.

Tor Trib tl,dr: Pop this when you have ships and your opponent is building something or when you have no monsters or really whenever it seems like it'd be good.

Bottomless Trap Holex1 DROPPED: Bottomless Trap Hole is a normal trap card that when your opponent summons a monster with 1500 or more atk can destroy and banish them. I'm running this because I can't run more than 3 DP's. 1500 atk is obviously an important milestone in terms of this deck, since below that Farmgirl can get over them and start the real comboing so this thing's activation requirement is pretty convenient for that. Banishing rather than sending to gy is also nice, since more stuff likes to play around in the gy vs the banish zone. Overall its a single targeting monster destroyer that operates around a significant milestone for the deck, but we do have 3 DP's which do basically the same thing with more potential utility and less restrictions, so if you think that those cover your bases enough feel free to drop this for smth else.

Bottomless tl,dr: Replaceable card that can drop a monster when its summoned

Kozmojo x2: Kozmojo is a normal trap card that banishes one card your opponent controls or from the gy at the cost of destroying one of your Kozmo monsters. This is a really good card. Gives you flexibility on when you pop your ships and can smoke front row, back row, or gy which is very useful. The obvious synergy here is with your ships, since when those are destroyed you get the pick of the litter from your deck to replace it. This does not synergize with Wickedwitch, as the destruction is part of the activation requirement. Overall this is a very good, and gives you mobility in addition to removal. Can run this at 3 instead of 2, but I generally keep it at 2 since it doesn't play super nice with the pilots and those are the ones I would usually need the removal to facilitate.

Kozmojo tl,dr: Use this to give yourself mobility out of ships that have already cleared their activation effect, and as a bonus you get a free removal.

Dogmatika Punishment x3 DROPPED TO x2 CHANGED TO x3: DP is a normal trap card that lets you target and destroy one face up monster your opponent controls for the cost of sending a monster with higher attack from your extra deck to the gy. This can only be activated once a turn and you can't special summon from the extra deck until the end of your next turn after this effect resolves. This is the card we build our extra deck around. Outside of Raigeki this is your best monster removal option imo. It does target and it does require you to send a monster with higher atk to the graveyard so you're not getting over a fully decked out Accesscode Talker or anything, but it works on monsters that are already on the board unlike BTH, doesn't require you to sac anything from your board unlike Kozmojo, and with N'tss as your cost you get an extra destruction on either front or back row unlike Destroyer. Overall I think this is one of your best turn 1 cards to get and even beyond that who can say no to free front and potentially back row removal? Definitely run at 3. If you're feeling skittish about untargetables or stuff that can get over this you can swap out one of the copies of this for Ice Dragon's Prison, which will generally work better as a single removal and also has the use case of you just want a beatstick on your side of the field for free, but its a SR while this is only an R, and in addition I think the versatility of DP will often make it the better choice. Dropping one of these for IDP would also make it so that you can run 2 of all of your extra deck cards based off of this, which could save you dust in the long run and give you more room for niche usecase cards. It's up to you though as to what you value.

DP tl,dr: use N'tss with this for double the removal on anything 2500 and below, use Wind Peg on anything 2300 and below if your opponent only has the one card out, and above 2500 use Dragon Master/ FGD.

Fiendish Chain x2 DROPPED: Fiendish Chain is a continuous trap card that targets 1 effect monster on the field to negate the effects of and make not able to attack, and if that card is destroyed then destroy this card as well. This card usually just feels like a bad Effect Veiler, but Effect Veiler is a UR and this very much isn't so I have to deal with it. Negating effects is good, and preventing attacks as a bonus is even better, but this card is pretty slow and usually the cards that it's negating don't wind up destroyed, which means that you'll have to play the rest of the game down a backrow slot unless you waste an N'tss or Sliprider on it which usually isn't worth it. Overall I sound very down on this card, but still the truth is its a good card that I always use when I get it.

Chain tl,dr: You should prolly swap this out for other similar cards if you can, but its still pretty good itself and self explanatory in terms of usage.

Lost Wind x2 ADDED: Lost Wind is a normal trap card that allows you to target one special summoned monster on the field to negate its effects and halve its original attack, and then if its in the graveyard when a monster is special summoned from your opponents extra deck you can set it again at the cost of it banishing itself when it leaves the field. This card was added to take over the slot that was previously occupied by Fiendish Chain, and  will generally fill the same role as that as a problem monster checker. Almost anything that can give this deck trouble as a monster is going to be special summoned, so its activation requirement is basically a non factor, but not being able to stop your opponent's normal summoned combo starters is rough. There are pros and cons for both halving a monster's original attack vs making them unable to attack, where halving things attack will usually make it so that you can easily get over all but the biggest walls, but the monster still being able to attack at all can be an issue if they're swinging for game, and it only halving original attack means that things like Accesscode Talker and Apollousa aren't going to be affected by this part of the effect, but Accesscode was also a problem for Fiendish Chain since it could out it on reaction with its effect while Appolousa is generally easy enough to get over for this deck. The big sell for this card is it's revival effect when something is special summoned from the extra deck, which is self explanatorily good. Overall this is a very strong card that will almost always be used whenever it finds its way into your hand, and sometimes twice.

Lost Wind tl,dr: Use this to stop problematic monster effects and bring the biggest of bads down a bit in size.

Extra Deck

Elder Entity N'tss x3: N'tss is a level 4 2500/1200 fusion monster whose materials are 1 synchro+ 1 xyz that must be special summoned from the extra deck by banishing the above materials. Its effect is Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 monster from your hand, If this card is sent to the GY: You can target 1 card on the field; destroy it, you can only Special Summon "Elder Entity N'tss(s)" once per turn. We will never, ever summon this card. That doesn't stop this from being a very important part of the deck to the point that I caved in and crafted this UR. Comboing this off of DP takes it from a single target monster remover to a monster + another monster or backrow remover, which is huge especially since DP is something you will be using most games at least once. This is one of our few backrow removers as well which helps it. Overall this card takes DP from a good to a great card all without taking up a single maindeck slot, which is reason enough for it to be here. I actually ran this at only 1 and thats worked out fine so you could do so too, but I think the potential to use it 3 times is very very strong, especially if you go with 3 PoE's.

N'tss tl,dr: Use this to add a second removal to DP

Wind Pegasus @Ignister x1 CHANGED TO x3: Wind Peg is a 2300/who cares level 7 synchro that when one of your cards is destroyed by battle or opponent card effect you can banish this from the field or grave to shuffle one card on their field into their deck. 999/1000 times you are only going to use these effects, and only use it off of DP, BUT Ash is technically a tuner, so if you're really being oppressed by an opponents spell/trap you can synchro summon this and then proc it's effect of "During your Main Phase: You can destroy Spells/Traps your opponent controls, up to the number of "@Ignister" monsters you control." to clear that. Is that the best possible use of Ash? Usually not, but if it could win you the game then its a play you should be aware of the possibility of. Overall this is a cheaper, worse version of N'tss that is worth the 3 extra deck slots if you're going for the PoE's.

Wind Peg tl,dr: Use this to add a delayed second removal to DP that is only an SR, and also possibly synchro summon if you're really in a pickle.

Five-Headed Dragon x2: FGD is a 5000/who cares that must be fusion summoned. This is a UR but you get 2 of them for free from the Dragon Starter which is why its here, if you don't have that one replace it with Dragon Master Knight which is an R and does the same thing. This is here because it's the strongest extra deck monster and it can't be special summoned from the grave, meaning your opponent cant get cheeky with it after you pop it with DP.

FGD tl,dr: Pop this with DP if you're not popping N'tss

Dragon Master Knight x1 CHANGED TO x3 DROPPED TO x2 CHANGED TO x3: DMK is a 5000/who cares that must be fusion summoned. This is here because it's the strongest extra deck monster and it can't be special summoned from the grave, meaning your opponent cant get cheeky with it after you pop it with DP. It's only an R, really nothing else is a better use of the extra deck space and making sure that even after PoE you're almost guaranteed to have at least 1 uberbeatstick to proc DP off of so it should be at 3.

DMK tl,dr: Pop this with DP if you're not popping N'tss

Number 22: Zombiestein x1 DROPPED: Zombieman is a 4500/1000 rank 8 xyz that needs 2 level 8 dark's to summon that can negate effects of monsters for 1 turn at the cost of 1 material, 1 discard, and changing this to defense position. This should be used to get over uberbeatsticks with immunity to being popped such as Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon. This obviously seems pretty tricky to get out while theres something like that out, but with E Tele and some luck anything is possible. I only stuck this in cuz I pulled it randomly, but its decent enough at its job that Imma mention it by name here. Feel free to replace with whatever you think would work best at getting over uberbeatsticks here.

Zombieman tl,dr: Use this to get over the biggest of the big

Teardrop the Rikka Queen x1 DROPPED: Teardrop is a 2800/2800 rank 8 xyz that requires 2 level 8's to summon that you can detach 1 material from and then target 1 monster on the field to tribute. It also gets 200 atk until the end of the turn for every tributed card. This thing's usecase is to deal with very annoying can't be destroyed by effects that are a bit too big atk wise to go over with Destroyer like the Eldlich's. Once again I only stuck this in cuz I pulled it randomly, but its decent enough at its job that Imma mention it by name here. Feel free to replace with whatever you think would work best at getting over those annoying things here.

Teardrop tl,dr: Use this to get rid of the sticky week old gum that just wont go away.

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder ADDED x1 DROPPED: Zeus is a 3000/3000 rank 12 XYZ that can special summon itself on top of an XYZ that has attacked this turn, and has the quick effect to detach 2 materials and send everything else on the field to the graveyard and the effect to add a material to itself from hand/deck/gy if another card of yours is destroyed via battle and card effect. Given that our XYZ's are situational last resorts that are only ever used if things have really hit the fan, this card follows to be even more niche. I only added this because I needed it for another one of my decks, so don't go out crafting this just for this deck it's not worth it. With those being said, holy crap is this card nuts. Non targeting, non destruction OMNI-REMOVAL as a quick effect is something I would have made up as a kid when I'm trying to bs my brother with my random japanese card, and even then there's no way he'd buy that its just too strong. It's attack is good enough to act as a replacement for one Dragon Master Knight, and as a monster that we can actually get out it's automatically more impactful than that, and thats before considering that this card is insane strong once you do get it out. Overall this card is nuts, even if it wont be super common to get it out. Optional but should def be added if you have it.

Zeus tl,dr: Were you pushed into a corner and have to use your XYZ's? Well your opponent is in the corner now staring down a 3k beatstick with no field.


Everything else in the extra deck: I just put in there as filler. Feel free to use whatever you have that you think would work best to cover situations this deck could be weak in. This deck generally doesnt use the extra deck much so it doesn't matter how niche it's usecase would be, as long as you think it could be helpful.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterPSY-Frame Driver x1
Kozmo Tincan x3
PSY-Framegear Gamma x2
Kozmo Farmgirl x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
Kozmo Goodwitch x1
Kozmoll Wickedwitch x3
Kozmo Sliprider x2
Kozmoll Dark Lady x2
Kozmo Forerunner x2
Kozmo Dark Destroyer x3
Kozmo Dark Eclipser x1
SpellsRaigeki x1
Lightning Storm x1
Kozmotown x3
Emergency Teleport x2
Pot of Extravagance x3
TrapsTorrential Tribute x2
Kozmojo x2
Dogmatika Punishment x3
Lost Wind x2
ExtraElder Entity N'tss x3
Dragon Master Knight x3
Five-Headed Dragon x2
Wind Pegasus @Ignister x3
Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk x1
Number 52: Diamond Crab King x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Triple Burst Dragon x1

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    kozmo is such a awesome deck, Thanks for write this amazing guide to present to the new audience

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    excellent guide, very well explained, I’m on gold IV and didn’t know whether to make another meta deck or continue with Kozmo.
    It would be nice if you add some replays of your game on youtube and put it in this guide.

    Edit: Plat iv now :D

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    New banlist! Raigeki and E Tele both to unlimited! I don’t know if or when Master Duel will implement this new banlist, but when it does E Tele should definitely be bumped to three. Maybe drop a strawman for it? Deck opening consistency would remain the same but you would get easier Farmgirls and card advantage which is huge. Raigeki could go to 2 if you like its non targeting over Bottomless Trap Hole’s speed, or even 3 since as I emphasized in this writeup a lot, Farmgirl loves her some clean frontrows.

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