Koa’ki Meiru

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Koa'ki Meiru Maximus
Submission Date: September 27th 2018
Author: sam50
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Koa'ki Meiru


"Koa'ki Meiru", Japanese for "Core Chimail" (コアキメイル Koakimeiru), a combination of the words "Core", "Chimera" and "Mail"), sometimes romanized as "Core Chimair" (a combination of the words "Core" and "Chimera,") is an archetype of cards primary from Raging Battle, Ancient Prophecy, Stardust Overdrive, Absolute Powerforce and The Shining Darkness. This archetype received more Anti-Meta and support cards in later sets Starstrike Blast, Primal Origin and Secrets of Eternity.

The majority of their effects center around manipulating the "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru" or revealing one in your hand to activate an effect. Almost all of the monsters require a maintenance cost in the form of sending an Iron Core to the Graveyard or revealing a monster of the same type. There are exceptions, such as that of "Koa'ki Meiru Powerhand", where you must reveal a Normal Trap Card, or "Koa'ki Meiru Valafar" where you have to send an "Iron Core of Koa'Ki Meiru" and cannot reveal any card in your hand instead. Another is "Koa'ki Meiru Ice", where a Continuous Spell Card is revealed.

"Koa'ki Meiru" are all EARTH, WIND, WATER or FIRE Attribute monsters, rendering them immune to their own control-based effects, which often affect LIGHT and DARK monsters. All of the "Koa'ki Meiru" have the same mark (3 dragons) on some part of their body or on a weapon they have. Also, many "Koa'ki Meiru" and related cards' artwork uses yellow, orange, and red, except for "Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate".

According to "Iron Core Specimen Lab", "Kozaky" and "Magical Scientist" experimented and created the "Koa'ki Meiru" Monsters.


Deck List
MonsterKoa'ki Meiru Urnight x1
Koa'ki Meiru Valafar x1
Koa'ki Meiru Overload x1
Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord x1
Koa'ki Meiru Doom x1
Koa'ki Meiru Drago x1
Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate x1
Koa'ki Meiru Powerhand x1
Koa'ki Meiru War Arms x1
Koa'ki Meiru Tornado x1
Koa'ki Meiru Maximus x1
Koa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier x1
Koa'ki Meiru Ice x1
Koa'ki Meiru Speeder x1
Koa'ki Meiru Boulder x1
Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak x1
Koa'ki Meiru Beetle x1
Koa'ki Meiru Wall x1
Koa'ki Meiru Sea Panther x1
Koa'ki Meiru Prototype x1
Koa'ki Meiru Crusader x1
Koa'ki Meiru Guardian x1
Koa'ki Meiru Sandman x1
Koa'ki Meiru Gravirose x1
SpellsDiamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru x2
Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru x2
Koa'ki Meiru Initialize! x1
Core Overclock x2
Urgent Synthesis x1
Iron Core Specimen Lab x2
Iron Core Immediate Disposal x2
Iron Core Armor x2
Core Compression x2
Core Blaster x2
Core Transport Unit x2
TrapsKoa'ki Meiru Shield x2
Iron Core Luster x2
Core Reinforcement x2
Nega-Ton Corepanel x2
Reckoned Power x2
Automatic Laser x2
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