Koa’ki Meiru Control

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru
Submission Date: August 31st 2020
Author: DarkDecipio
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Since I never played with Link-Monsters, there are no Link monsters in this Deck. As soon as I start to get a grip to Link, I'll update this deck. (or you can write some recommendation in the comments)

This deck is focusing to control the board with the monsters and trap cards. Get a Core as fast as possible to your hand so you can activate the effect of Automatic Laser, Iron Core Luster and Koa'ki Meiru Urnight and just keep it in your hands. Instead, use the other monsters in the hand to keep your monsters on the board alive.

Use the effect of Koa'ki Meiru Urnight to setup the right monsters to control the opponent with the right monsters on the field or setup a XYZ summon.

Use Koa'ki Meiru Maximus and Core Overclock to go for the win.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterKoa'ki Meiru Maximus x2
Koa'ki Meiru Urnight x3
Koa'ki Meiru Drago x3
Koa'ki Meiru Crusader x1
Koa'ki Meiru Guardian x3
Koa'ki Meiru Ice x1
Koa'ki Meiru Overload x3
Koa'ki Meiru Sandman x3
Koa'ki Meiru Wall x2
Koa'ki Meiru Supplier x2
SpellsCore Transport Unit x1
Core Compression x1
Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru x3
Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru x3
Koa'ki Meiru Initialize! x3
TrapsCore Blast x1
Iron Core Luster x2
Automatic Laser x3
ExtraDark Rebellion Xyz Dragon x1
Number 39: Utopia x1
Tornado Dragon x2
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK x2
Heroic Champion - Excalibur x1
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x2
Steelswarm Roach x1
Gagaga Cowboy x1
SideKoa'ki Meiru Rooklord x1
Koa'ki Meiru Ice x1
Koa'ki Meiru Boulder x3
Iron Core Armor x2
Core Compression x1
Dark Hole x1
Iron Core Immediate Disposal x1
Monster Reborn x1
Raigeki x1
Core Blast x1
Iron Core Luster x1
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