Kite Tenjo Zexal Updated Character Deck ( Legacy Support)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon
Submission Date: December 3rd 2019
Author: meecho96
YGOPRODeck File Download

My character decks are not meant for official tournaments.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGalaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x1
Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon x1
Galaxy Knight x2
Galaxy Mirror Sage x1
Galaxy Wizard x1
Galaxy Tyranno x1
Photon Lizard x2
Photon Crusher x1
Photon Thrasher x1
Photon Chargeman x1
Photon Circle x1
Photon Pirate x1
Photon Vanisher x1
Photon Orbital x1
Kuriphoton x1
Dimension Wanderer x1
Overlay Sentinel x1
Overlay Booster x1
SpellsPhoton Hand x1
Accellight x2
Galaxy Expedition x2
Hyper Galaxy x1
Galaxy Trance x1
Photon Stream of Destruction x2
Photon Veil x1
Photon Lead x2
Message in a Bottle x1
Book of Moon x1
Monster Reborn x1
Polymerization x1
Xyz Double Back x1
TrapsLumenize x1
Double Dragon Descent x1
Photon Change x1
Eternal Galaxy x1
ExtraNumber 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon x1
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x1
Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord x1
Twin Photon Lizard x1
Starliege Paladynamo x1
Starliege Lord Galaxion x1
Starliege Photon Blast Dragon x1
SideShining Angel x1
Lillybot x1
Orbital 7 x1
Daybreaker x3
Number 10: Illumiknight x1


My name is Demetrius Shuler, I'm 23 years old and i've been a long time yugioh Anime Fan, i love yugioh the anime and i create Yugioh Anime Character decks for the fun & Nostalgic moments just like in the show. I do not play yugioh competitively only for Anime Purposes. My favorite Characters are Jaden, Yugi & Atem, and Kite Tenjo from yugioh zexal. I also have my own yugioh you-tube channel where i put my character decks online.

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