Kay Water’s

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: The Legendary Fisherman
Submission Date: April 17th 2021
Author: AzarelDeus
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MonsterGiant Red Seasnake x3
Great White x3
The Legendary Fisherman III x1
Deep Sweeper x3
The Legendary Fisherman II x1
The Legendary Fisherman x1
Cyber Shark x1
Fortress Whale x1
Hammer Shark x1
Buzzsaw Shark x1
Levia-Dragon - Daedalus x1
Lantern Shark x1
Shark Stickers x2
Abyss Soldier x1
Needle Sunfish x1
Penguin Soldier x1
Lost Blue Breaker x1
SpellsMystical Space Typhoon x1
Graceful Charity x1
A Legendary Ocean x1
Umi x1
Pot of Greed x1
Card Trader x1
Fortress Whale's Oath x1
Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One x1
Monster Reborn x1
Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force x1
Water Hazard x1
Dark World Dealings x1
TrapsMirror Force x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Negate Attack x2
Dust Tornado x1
ExtraNumber 32: Shark Drake x1
Bahamut Shark x1
Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark x1
Number 47: Nightmare Shark x1
Submersible Carrier Aero Shark x1
Shark Caesar x1
Mermail Abyssgaios x1
Number 19: Freezadon x1
Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss x1
Number C101: Silent Honor DARK x1
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x1
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK x1
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