Jurassic Journeys #1: FTK Dinos (without Firewall Dragon)

A certain Dinosaur FTK deck was making its way through YCS Toronto a few weeks ago and it took many people by surprise. As of this current format, this is not the only way an FTK is possible and I’m going to show how it can be done without Firewall Dragon. Showcasing you a deck that’ll hit your opponent harder than the extinction meteor: welcome to the first edition of Jurassic Journeys.

Firewall Dragon

Note: I’d like to preface the article by giving credits for this combo to Tainted Wisdom you can find his video here. I merely saw the combo and created a decklist with this heavily in mind.

The Combo

This is going to be a base minimum of a 2 card combo with the stipulation of some cards required to be in deck (As in you cannot draw your “Garnets”). Like most Dinosaur decks this is going to require Dragonic Diagram (and a way to get to it such as Terraforming) and one of the two dino babies (Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon). The opener for this combo is like most True King Dinosaur decks: destroying a baby in hand with Diagram to search for True King Lithosagym, the Disaster and off of the baby being destroyed to Special Summon a Souleating Oviraptor. When the Oviraptor is summoned you would search for a Babycerasaurus and normal summon it. Use Oviraptor’s second effect to destroy the Babycerarsurus in GY and Special Summon a baby from the GY and another one from the deck. Either baby does not matter as long as one is a Babycerasaurus. You then activate Litho’s effect to Special Summon himself from hand by destroying the 2 babies banishing 3 cards from the opponent’s Extra Deck and summoning 2 dinosaur monsters from your deck off of the baby effects. Summon Litho in any zone except for 3. Personally, I put him on the end opposite of where I normally summon from the Extra Deck.

This is when your opponent might raise an eyebrow as you search through your deck to summon Miscellaneousaurus and…Carboneddon. (Cardoneddon is a Level 3 Dino which is what needs to be summoned off of the Babycerasaurus). We’ll overlay Oviraptor and Miscellaneousaurus into Zoodiac Broadbull and activating his effect to search for a Beast-Warrior. We have 2 targets in deck: Scrap Goblin and T.G. Warwolf. XYZ Summon Zoodiac Drident on top of Broadbull and then another Broadbull on top of Drident and search for the other piece. (Note that the effects of the Zoo Monsters can be used several times in a turn but you can only “Zoo” summon once per turn. We hard XYZ summoned Broadbull using 2 Level 4 monster and then Zoo summoned him the second time). After that, overlay a Zoodiac Chakanine on top of Broadbull and activate Chakanine’s effect. Regardless of materials detached and Zoo monster summoned we will go into a Missus Radiant

with Chakanine and the other Zoo monster. (Keep in mind that the Missus needs to be placed where either Link Zone is not already occupied by Litho). Activate Miscellaneousaurus’ eff in GY to banish itself and another Dino to special summon Jurrac Gallim (A Lv. 2 Tuner) from your deck. Synchro Summon Gallim and Carboneddon for (5 = 2 + 3) Denglong, First of the Yang Zing. On successful Synchro summon use Denglong’s effect to search for a Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing.

Use Carboneddon’s eff in GY to banish itself and Special Summon Petit Dragon from your hand or deck. Synchro Summon Denglong and Petite Dragon for (7 = 5 + 2) for Ancient Fairy Dragon. When Denglong leaves the field use his effect to float into a Taotie, Shadow of the Yang Zing. Use AFD’s effect to destroy the Diagram on the field and to search for a Black Garden and activate it. Then use AFD’s effect to Special Summon Jiaotu from hand and chain T.G. Warwolf to Special Summon himself as well. Be wary of where you place T.G. Warwolf as it cannot be placed in the Link Zone that AFD is not currently in. Either of the Yang Zing Monsters can be placed in the open Link Zone. On both summons make sure that you place a Rose Token on your opponent’s field for each. (2 Rose Tokens should be on your opponent’s field at this point).

Synchro Summon the two Yang Zing monsters for (7 = 2 + 5) for another Ancient Fairy Dragon. Place another Rose Token for your opponent (Count is at 3). Use the new AFD’s effect to Special Summon Scrap Goblin from your hand and place another Rose Token for your opponent (Count is at 4). Use the new AFD’s eff to destroy Black Garden to search and then activate a Fusion Gate from your deck. Overlay the 2 Ancient Fairy Dragon’s into Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk. Synchro Summon the Scrap Goblin and T.G. Warwolf for (6 = 3 + 3) Flamvell Uruquizas. Activate Galaxy Tomahawk’s effect and Summon Battle Eagle Tokens to fill your board. Fusion Summon Uruquizas and Galaxy Tomahawk for Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird. Activate it’s effect: Burn your opponent for 300 x the number of cards on the field.

Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird

Quick recap on the math here: You currently have Blaze Fenix, 2 Machine Tokens, Lithosaygm, Missus Radiant, and Fusion Gate and your opponent has 4 Rose Tokens (1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4 = 10). You burn your opponent for 3000. Fusion Summon Blaze Fenix and a Battle Eagle Token for another Blaze Fenix to burn for 2700 (You used 2 cards to fuse for 1 so we have 1 less net card on board) and then repeat to burn for 2400. (3000 + 2700 + 2400 = 8100). Congratulations you (should) have successfully FTK’d your opponent. Does it seem complex? Sure. But it’s not a Firewall loop and if you already have a standard True King Dino deck then picking up the combo pieces for these are fairly cheap.

Now if you watch the video provided earlier you will see that I chose not to Link Summon my stray Litho and Missus Radiant for another Missus. This is because as shown you can reach over 8000 damage without needing that 5th Rose Token. I go through 13 Extra Deck Monster slots in the whole process and in the case of a Dire Emergency, I opt to hold on to the last 2 without overextending.


Deck List
Download Deck
Monsters True King Lithosagym, the Disaster x3
True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher x1
Babycerasaurus x3
Petiteranodon x2
Souleating Oviraptor x3
Miscellaneousaurus x3
Carboneddon x2
Ultimate Conductor Tyranno x2
Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju x2
Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju x1
Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju x1
Tyranno Infinity x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x1
Spells Dragonic Diagram x3
Terraforming x3
Fossil Dig x3
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x2
Twin Twisters x2
Cosmic Cyclone x1
Extra Missus Radiant x1
Zoodiac Broadbull x2
Zoodiac Drident x1
Zoodiac Chakanine x1
Denglong, First of the Yang Zing x1
Ancient Fairy Dragon x2
Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk x1
Flamvell Uruquizas x1
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird x3
Hi-Speedroid Chanbara x1
True King of All Calamities x1
Side Carboneddon x1
Scrap Goblin x1
T.G. Warwolf x1
Jurrac Gallim x1
Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing x1
Petit Dragon x1
Taotie, Shadow of the Yang Zing x1
Black Garden x1
Fusion Gate x2
Set Rotation x2
Petiteranodon x1
True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher x2

Smokescreen into Fire and Blaze (Fenix)

Now you might have noticed something interesting by now and that is the fact that the entire FTK Combo mentioned above is largely sitting in my Side Deck. This is because we do not always win dice rolls and the general trend in this meta is to go first when winning. This is an article about the FTK as a whole but for those wishing to pit this to the test at a competitive event this is my advice. If we build our main deck prepared to go second win or lose the dice roll we will most likely go second. The intricacies of playing a dino deck going second will be explored in another segment but the main thing to note is the basic OTK combo which on an empty board requires Oviraptor and either Miscellaneousaurus or Ultimate Conductor Tyranno in hand. Summon the Oviraptor to search for the other piece. If you have Miscellaneousaurus it is recommended that you drop it before the Oviraptor summon so your opponent cannot chain to it while Oviraptor is on board and disrupt your play. Banish Miscellaneousaurus from the GY to Special Summon Jurrac Aeolo from your deck. Synchro Summon into (5 = 1 + 4) Hi-Speedroid Chanbara and the 2 Dinosaurs left in GY get banished to Special Summon UCT. On an empty board due to Chanbara being able to attack twice and it gains 200 ATK before the Damage step allows for an OTK. (2200 + 2400 + 3500 = 8100) Fitting how it matches the potential damage output of our FTK combo. Additional Damage can be provided by using UCT’s eff to destroy a Baby in hand to flip the entire opponent board face down and summoning another Dinosaur from deck. Additionally it isn’t unlikely to Special Summon another Ultimate Conductor Tyranno from deck and you will have a high attacking Kaiju with Interrupted Kaiju Slumber. Tyranno Infinity helps out for final push damage.

Opening Inoptimally

Dra(gone)ic Diagram

Despite the plethora of Field Spell searching there are going to be times where a way to access Diagram is not an option. I’d recommend against trying to play this deck without Diagram because consistency is a core tenet of an FTK-style deck but this is to note that you don’t have to scoop should you not open Diagram or in the case it gets Ash’d or Ogre’d. Diagram is not a necessity as if you have Litho (with babies) and a Field Spell then you are still completely able to complete the combo. If you have Litho with 2 babies in hand then you can destroy the babies summoning Oviraptor either Misc or Carboneddonen and then searching the other with Oviraptor and Normal summoning it. The starting board is still the same and when you go into Ancient Fairy Dragon if you opened Black Garden then you can even clog your opponent’ field with 5 tokens or if you opened Fusion Gate you can simply destroy it with AFD search for Black Garden and continue the combo essentially emitting Dragonic Diagram completely. This is also the reason why in my decklist I write 2 Fusion Gates and not 2 Black Gardens. I add in an extra target for Set Rotation because luckily AFD will destroy both cards meaning that I am not hindered from playing multiple Field Spells but the decision on what to double up on is what really got to me. At first it seemed obvious to play an additional copy of Black Garden because its overall utility is much better in the case of a brick. However if I open’d up my 1 Fusion Gate then what was stated earlier does not count because going through the combo I would destroy Fusion Gate for Black Garden and destroy Black Garden for…Dragonic Diagram which is the only other target in deck. And then it hit me to run 2 Fusion Gate’s because regardless of what I drew if I drew any 1 of these 3 combo Field Spells then I would still be able to play it out, (still assuming I had Litho) and If I open’d Black Garden I could play it at the beginning and then destroy it with AFD for Fusion Gate without any large drawback. Opening Fusion Gate would simply be cycled out into Black Garden and then again into the other copy of Fusion Gate. Fusion Gate is a “Garnet” when drawn but when you run 2 it becomes a potential combo starter.

Dragonic Diagram


Speaking of “Garnets” I mentioned at the beginning of this that there were a few. I explained the Field Spell dilemma previously and I don’t have any real play around for opening Taotie so I simply run 2. There is still the issue of opening Carboneddon and Jurrac Gallim. As long as we have Lithosaygm and a baby we can work around more situations than Macgyver with a Swiss army knife and a roll of duct tape. Oviraptor’s second effect is extremely potent when paired with the babies and skilled pilots will see that it’s more than just a magic trick of making 1 baby turn to 2. If we summon Litho by destroying a baby and our “garnet” in hand we can special summon Oviraptor off of the baby and search for another baby. Then we Normal summon the baby and use oviraptor’s effect destroying the baby. Since Litho is already summoned in this case we would like to special summon our “Garnet” from GY that was strategically destroyed and Special Summon a Misc from deck. The board state should look like: Litho, Oviraptor, Carbo/Gallim, and Misc which is the same as if we started with Diagram Baby (If we started with Carbo in hand then we still would banish 3 from the opponent’s Extra Deck). Also the same can be done starting with Oviraptor and searching for a baby to destroy the Carbo/Gallim in hand. After searching for our Beast-Warrior combo pieces with our Zoodiac package we can then use Misc’s eff and banish accordingly to which of the 2 dinos that we are missing. For Gallim/Misc this can work with True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher as well as the dinos are FIRE meeting Agni’s requirement and so we can destroy a baby along with it.

True King Lithosagym, the Disaster

Handy Combo Pieces

The other specific combo pieces won’t affect us in hand at all as that is where we want them. The Beast-Warriors: Scrap Goblin and T.G. Warwolf mean that we search for 1 less with Broadbull meaning that if things go sour we can potentially go into a Broadbull-Drident package for late game. Jiaotu is searched off of Denglong which is an optionally effect so we can just let it chill (or you can search out the second copy of Taotie for deck thinning). And Carboneddon’s eff works to Special Summon from hand as well as deck so opening Petite Dragon is not a problem. The only discernable work around is the Taotie which explains the second copy of it.


Like any heavy combo deck or FTK style the deck is highly adverse to disruption. With hand traps becoming such a large staple it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when your opponent uses Ash Blossom on you. I wouldn’t personally recommend this deck for competitive use as such but if you’re looking to abuse the Zoo combo pieces and extra copies of Diagram then definetely look to pull this off at your FLGS! Thank you for making it to the end of the first instalment of Jurassic Journeys! I’ll keep exploring the many different ways that one can play Dinosaurs! I’ll look to go over a more standard build in the next issue.

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