Insector Haga

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Metamorphosed Insect Queen
Submission Date: January 25th 2020
Author: Bonnecrusher
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Since konami does not write an archetype for him then I made one for insects haga.

still in testing phase, but can beat blue eyes and megician so it can be shared.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterEarthbound Immortal Uru x1
Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair x2
Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju x2
Metamorphosed Insect Queen x2
Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju x2
Insect Queen x1
Scary Moth x1
Grasschopper x1
Anteatereatingant x1
Koa'ki Meiru Beetle x2
Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior x2
Cross-Sword Beetle x1
Danger! Mothman! x2
Ahrima, the Wicked Warden x2
Pinch Hopper x2
Resonance Insect x2
Lilith, Lady of Lament x1
Reversible Beetle x1
Infernity Beetle x3
Danipon x2
Parasite Paranoid x3
SpellsWorm Bait x1
Galaxy Queen's Light x1
Magical Mallet x1
Insect Imitation x1
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x2
Demise of the Land x1
Cocoon of Ultra Evolution x3
Supply Squad x1
Spiders' Lair x1
Backup Squad x1
Verdant Sanctuary x1
Moon Mirror Shield x1
Lair of Darkness x2
TrapsFull Force Virus x1
Deck Devastation Virus x1
Spider Egg x1
Crush Card Virus x1
Lair Wire x2
Grinning Grave Virus x1
ExtraBattlewasp - Ballista the Armageddon x2
Battlewasp - Halberd the Charge x2
Underground Arachnid x2
Number 77: The Seven Sins x1
Number 84: Pain Gainer x1
Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula x1
Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector x1
Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld x1
Number 28: Titanic Moth x1
Inzektor Exa-Stag x1
Number 66: Master Key Beetle x1
Number 70: Malevolent Sin x1
SideGadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju x1
Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju x1
Mother Spider x1
Primitive Butterfly x1
Reversible Beetle x2
Pot of Avarice x1
The Kaiju Files x2
Gearbreed x1
Falling Down x1
Axe of Despair x1
Kyoutou Waterfront x2
Windstorm of Etaqua x1

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I am a yugioh player who participates in endurance duel, whether duels with LP 32000 or more, so my decks are always 60 cards, I have no interest in the common mode of duels and I do not like to link. jugador de yugioh que participa de endurance duel, sea duelos con LP 32000 o más, por eso mis decks son siempre de 60 cartas, no tengo interés en el modo común de duelos y no me gusta el link.

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