Huge Revolution Link – April 2018

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Huge Revolution
Submission Date: April 4th 2018
Author: Yes42
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The aim of the deck is to gather all 3 normal monsters on the field and activate the Huge revolution.

Combos :

Normal summon Dark Doriado, reveal cards via Enchanting fitting room and summon them


Send the 3 pieces to the graveyard and call them back with Soul Charge or Tri-wight once you have the trap card Huge revolution.


Play with normal monster to make Link Spider (special summon a normal monster and tribute it for White Elephant's gift), Security Dragon for returning back a monster to the hand (combo it with Imduk the World Chalice to co-link it), Decode Talker for ATK, and Saryuja Skull Dread for draw power.

Deck List
MonsterUnited Resistance x2
People Running About x2
Oppressed People x2
Dark Doriado x3
Treasure Panda x3
Summoner Monk x2
SpellsUnexpected Dai x3
Painful Decision x3
One for One x1
White Elephant's Gift x2
Enchanting Fitting Room x3
Soul Charge x1
Swords of Revealing Light x1
Monster Reborn x1
Tri-Wight x2
Moon Mirror Shield x2
TrapsEvenly Matched x3
Huge Revolution x2
Lose 1 Turn x2
ExtraNumber S39: Utopia the Lightning x1
Number 39: Utopia x1
Number 47: Nightmare Shark x1
Sky Cavalry Centaurea x1
Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale x1
Borreload Dragon x1
Saryuja Skull Dread x2
Decode Talker x1
Security Dragon x1
Link Spider x2
Imduk the World Chalice Dragon x1
Linkuriboh x2
SideDragon Horn Hunter x1
United Resistance x1
People Running About x1
Oppressed People x1
Rescue Ferret x3
Foolish Burial x1
Tri-Wight x1
Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue x2
Temple of the Kings x1
The League of Uniform Nomenclature x1
Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light x1
The Huge Revolution is Over x1

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