Highway To Hell

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Dokurorider
Submission Date: January 30th 2021
Author: Jish250
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Not much of a strategy and really just a fun theme deck, but revolves essentially around 'rider' themed cards with normal monster support. Traps to boost and stop opponents attacks and back-up rider to turn weak normal monsters into powerhouses.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterNeck Hunter x1
The Earl of Demise x1
Ryu-Kishin Powered x2
Headless Knight x1
Feral Imp x1
Brave Scizzar x1
Yaiba Robo x1
Dokuroyaiba x1
Tomozaurus x1
Diskblade Rider x3
Chaosrider Gustaph x3
Rai Rider x3
Dokurorider x1
SpellsBack-Up Rider x3
Dark Factory of Mass Production x1
Unexpected Dai x1
White Elephant's Gift x3
Order to Charge x1
Revival of Dokurorider x1
TrapsNightmare Wheel x3
Drowning Mirror Force x1
Kunai with Chain x3
Metalmorph x2
Mirror Force x1
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