Herald + Royal + cyber angel combo

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Herald of Perfection
Submission Date: August 22nd 2019
Author: Z-One timelord
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Summon Herald and use anti Meta effect

Toggle Deck List
MonsterHerald of Perfection x3
Cyber Angel Vrash x2
Cyber Angel Dakini x2
Cyber Angel Idaten x2
Cyber Angel Natasha x2
Senju of the Thousand Hands x3
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x3
Impcantation Talismandra x3
Impcantation Candoll x3
SpellsPot of Extravagance x3
Dawn of the Herald x3
Machine Angel Ritual x3
Pre-Preparation of Rites x3
Preparation of Rites x3
TrapsRoyal Decree x3
ExtraDragon Master Knight x3
Five-Headed Dragon x3
Quintet Magician x3
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3
Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon x3
SideHerald of Ultimateness x3
Oracle of the Herald x3
Advanced Ritual Art x3
Magnificent Machine Angel x3
Incarnated Machine Angel x3
Id#created by ygomobile x1

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