heal burn deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Injection Fairy Lily
Submission Date: June 2nd 2020
Author: Cat girl magician
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use the side deck try to destroy opponent by burning them and healing yourself and over loading with injection fairy lily

Toggle Deck List
MonsterRevival Jam x3
Cure Mermaid x3
Injection Fairy Lily x1
Battlin' Boxer Sparrer x2
Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch x3
Power Injector x3
Muscle Medic x1
Wynn the Wind Charmer x3
Mokey Mokey x3
Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn x1
Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Trap Remover x1
Serziel, Watcher of the Evil Eye x3
SpellsDian Keto the Cure Master x3
Jam Breeding Machine x3
Mokey Mokey Smackdown x3
Evil Eye of Selene x3
TrapsCrush Card Virus x2
Dark Cure x3
ExtraUnformed Void x3
Number 56: Gold Rat x3
Secure Gardna x3
Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke x3
Number 106: Giant Hand x3
SideBurning Algae x3
Gift Card x3
Darklord Nurse Reficule x3
Crush Card Virus x1
Injection Fairy Lily x2
Muscle Medic x2
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