gren thunder

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Gren Maju Da Eiza
Submission Date: December 27th 2018
Author: bitbox
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Gren Thunder Fairy

Kill Fast Carry

Deck List
MonsterGren Maju Da Eiza x3
Giant Rex x3
Dimensional Alchemist x3
Juragedo x2
Eater of Millions x3
Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction x3
Thunder Dragon x3
Thunder Dragonroar x3
Thunder Dragonhawk x3
Fairy Tail - Snow x3
Thunder Dragondark x3
Trap Eater x3
Necroface x2
Thunder Dragonmatrix x3
SpellsCard Destruction x1
Upstart Goblin x1
One Day of Peace x1
Monster Reborn x1
Dimensional Fissure x1
Soul Absorption x3
Pot of Desires x3
Gold Sarcophagus x1
Raigeki x1
Hand Destruction x3
TrapsEvenly Matched x3
Macro Cosmos x1
ExtraMasterking Archfiend x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Police Patrol of the Underworld x1
Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction x1
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x1
Submersible Carrier Aero Shark x1
Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss x1
Leviair the Sea Dragon x2
Thunder Dragon Colossus x3
Thunder Dragon Titan x2
Borreload Dragon x1
SideBlack Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight x1
Defense Draw x1
Tour Guide From the Underworld x1
Chaos Sorcerer x1
Spear Cretin x1
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning x1
Pot of Duality x1
Helios - The Primordial Sun x1
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction x2
Brain Jacker x1
Fairy Tail - Sleeper x1
Caius the Shadow Monarch x2
Phantom of Chaos x1
Id#created by ygopro2 x1
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