Gravekeepers Assault

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Quintet Magician
Submission Date: July 19th 2020
Author: Neos217
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Get necrovalley on the field and restrict your enemies movement by weakening them with necrovalley temple, or stop special summons by using Hidden Temples Of Necrovalley. fusion summon Gravekeepers supernaturalist. If necrovalley is destroyed thats ok because you can use magicalized fusion as a back up to easily fusion summon quintet magician with necrovalley of the field.  Use utopia to protect you Ace monster. Palladium oracle mahad can be special summoned right when you draw it to deal 5000 damage against dark monsters.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGravekeeper's Spiritualist x3
Gravekeeper's Oracle x2
Gravekeeper's Commandant x2
Gravekeeper's Spy x2
Gravekeeper's Shaman x1
Gravekeeper's Visionary x2
Gravekeeper's Priestess x1
Gravekeeper's Headman x1
Gravekeeper's Heretic x1
Gravekeeper's Chief x1
Gravekeeper's Guard x1
Gravekeeper's Nobleman x1
Gravekeeper's Assailant x1
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder x1
Gravekeeper's Ambusher x1
Palladium Oracle Mahad x1
Palladium Oracle Mana x1
Nibiru, the Primal Being x1
Charm of Shabti x1
A Cat of Ill Omen x1
Night Assailant x1
SpellsGravekeeper's Stele x1
Gravekeeper's Servant x1
Necrovalley x1
Necrovalley Throne x3
Reload x1
Royal Tribute x2
Branch! x1
Hidden Temples of Necrovalley x1
Power of the Guardians x1
Magicalized Fusion x1
TrapsNecrovalley Temple x2
Dark Renewal x1
ExtraGravekeeper's Supernaturalist x3
Day-Breaker the Shining Magical Warrior x1
Number 39: Utopia x1
Number 39: Utopia Double x1
Quintet Magician x1
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