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Director James Wan took to Instagram to announce fans the new title. Recording should start at any time, considering the premiere, which is December 16, 2022. Jason Momoa returns in the title role as the sea's most hunky superhero, Amber Heard plays Mera and Patrick Wilson becomes Orm.
We do not yet know anything about the plot, but Wan has previously indicated that the new film is more serious:

The first "Aquaman" was a huge success for DC, and their only movie to date (besides "The Dark Knight" trilogy) which recorded over $ 1 billion.
Believe it or not, the movies about the ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren are actually based on real people who claim that several of the events being painted have taken place. But what exactly is the truth behind the films?

The so-called "Conjuring verse" is growing bigger and bigger, and recently the eighth film in the series, "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It" was released. The films follow Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal ghost hunters who help vulnerable families and save them from supernatural dangers. The plot is recognizable from several horror films based on the Christian belief in God and the devil, with "The Exorcist" at the forefront, with the difference that the films in Warren's universe are said to be based on real events.

But how much of the source material is actually true? Can a series of movies that feature obsessed dolls, evil spirits, and haunted houses really contain a measure of truth? It seems to depend on who you ask and what level of proof you think you need.

One thing we can say for sure is that the main characters who appear most frequently in the film series, Ed and Lorraine Warren, really exist.
The Warren couple have been working to investigate supernatural events in the United States for decades. They founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in the 50's and have since investigated thousands of reported supernatural events, haunted houses, etc. Several films have also been based on cases they have investigated in the past, including two films about "The Amityville Horror" - the house that God forgot.

In addition to writing books about the events on which the films are based, Lorraine Warren in particular has also been involved in the creation of the films, in an advisory role. It undeniably gives the films a greater connection to the real events that the couple investigated. How many of these stories are true, however, has been debated extensively over the years. As Lorraine herself puts it in a featurette with Warner: "There are many who do not believe."

The movie that kick-started the universe, "The Conjuring", is about the Perron family who move into a haunted house in Rhode Island. The house turns out to be a haunt for several spirits, some more vicious than others and according to an interview with Lorraine, most scenes in the film are completely accurately portrayed.
Now, you may not trust Lorraine Warren, but the fact is that several members of the Perron family have also officially confirmed the truth of several of the events depicted in the film. According to the book "House of Darkness, House of Light", where Andrea Perron tells about her experiences, the large mansion was inhabited by several different spirits. They should mostly have performed innocent acts, such as lifting their beds lightly and moving their things.
Cynthia Perron, the youngest sister in the family, says in an interview with Historycollection: “When we first moved in, for the first two months, it was a woman who came in every night and kissed me on the forehead, who I thought was my mother ”.

However, it quickly got worse and after a while the spirits must have started to become more unpleasant and, among other things, whispered to the children that there were hidden corpses in the house.
According to the Perron family, several of the scenes in the film must also correspond perfectly with reality. Among them, the clap-and-hide game was played on the family estate, a game similar to hide-and-seek where the family members hide somewhere in the big house and clap their hands as a clue to the seeker. "The Conjuring" contains a hair-raising scene where the mother in the family looks for her children but quickly discovers that someone, or something else, is also participating in the game. According to Andrea Perron's book, this event must have happened just like in the movie.

However, the film does not end as the real case. In reality, the Perron family claimed that it continued to haunt the estate, until the day they moved from there. The myth of Ed and Lorraine thus seems to be somewhat more beautifully painted than reality.

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