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Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor
Submission Date: March 21st 2021
Author: UrashimaJamez
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Standard Gladiator Beast deck. Uses the same strategies as in 2012, so have fun playing it.


For those new in the archetype, your job is to have your Gladiator Beasts fight and survive those figthts. During the end of the Battle Phase (any player's), you can return them to the deck and Special Summon another Gladiator Beast monster with a different name (hereafter refered as tag-out) to activate their effects, which are triggered when they are Special Summoned by the effect of a Gladiator Beast monster. Furthermore, by returning to the deck, you can Fusion Summon (hereafter refered as contact fusion or simply contact) several strong monsters that can also tag-out). In order to tag-out, you need to survive fights, which wou will be able to do with some support, cards like Effect VeilerGladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast HeraklinosGladiator Beast Domitianus, Shrink, and Book of Moon will aid in prevention of effects, manipulating battle positions and increasing-decreasing Attack stats to have your beasts fight and survive, and even if you are to take Battle Damage, you'll get in return field control as will be discussed below.

The Combatants

Effect Veiler: Not a beast, but a great hand trap that aids in prevention of your main monsters' destruction by battle. She can be swapped with any of the other hand traps in the Side Deck, depending on your needs.

Gladiator Beast Attorix: Her main use will be to send Gladiator Beast Bestiary to the GY to contact for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, although due to her effect changing her level, you could send a level 5 or higher Gladial to contact Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor.

Gladiator Beast Augustus: This beatstick has a good attack stat (above 2500 which helps against a lot of common threats), but his primary use will be to Special Summon a level 5 or higher Gladiator Beast from your hand to contact summon Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor, or Gladiator Beast Bestiary, Gladiator Beast Laquari, or simply contact Gladiator Beast Andabata. You could also Link Summon Gladiator Beast Dragases or Test Panther if in need of more board options.

Gladiator Beast Bestiary: One of the most important Gladials in the archetype, for both its ability to clear enemy backrow, and to contact summon Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. You could run 3 copies, though I feel you can recycle them easily enough via Gladiator Beast DariusGladiator Beast Equeste, and Gladiator Beast's Comeback.

Gladiator Beast Darius: This guy's job is to revive his teammates to swarm the board, or simply to contact an useful Summon. Because he negates their effects, brought-back monsters won't activate their effects, but still helps in cycling strategies.

Gladiator Beast Equeste: Another recycle card. This one is useful because it targets a Gladiator Beast card, so you can bring to hand spells and traps, namely, Gladiator Beast War Chariot, which is a strong defensive option.

Gladiator Beast Laquari: Laquari's there to establish an ofensive board, bringing 2100 Attack when Summoned by another Gladiator Beast, and serving as main contact material for Gladiator Beast Heraklinos.

Gladiator Beast Murmillo: This fish is a destroy option, being the counterpart to Bestiary. However, he is slightly weaker due to reduced stats.

Gladiator Beast Noxious: This beast is a great defensive option, and depending on how you play him, you can establish board during your opponent's turn, by allowing a clean board to spam beasts, depending on how or what you bring: for example, Gladiator Beast Darius helps with an early contact next turn, Gladiator Beast Sagittarii for card cycling, Gladiator Beast Augustus for readying a play next turn by returning a monster to your deck, etc.

Gladiator Beast RetiariGY removal tool. Simple yet so useful.

Gladiator Beast Sagittarii: Strong draw option, which the deck can get some help with. Also establishes GY that can be used with Gladiator Beast Darius for easy contact or Link.

Gladiator Beast Vespasius: A great ofensive option, Special Summoning himself from the hand when battling, granting 500 Attack to all your monsters, which will surprise your opponent. He also contacts Gladiator Beast Domitianus, if you need to do so.

Test Tiger: Not a Gladiator Beast, but a really strong support. Its effect is to bring another monster and activate their effects due to tag-out. Summons itself, so you can also Link with him, though simply tagging is more efficient most of the time.

The Tools of Battle

Spells are pretty straightforward in this deck, Gladiator Beasts's Comeback is a revival/summoning tool from hand or GY for tag-out, Link or contact fusionGladiator Proving Ground is a search option/deck thinner, Gladiator Rejection is an interesting defensive/ofensive tool, Gladiator Beast's Respite is strong card draw, Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster are just self-explainatory, and Shrink is a powerful and unexpected removal tool that has great synergy with this deck.

On traps, you won't use that many, being an aggresive deck, there's no time for waiting. Defensive Tactics prevents destruction and allows to go all-in without taking battle damage, plus it self-cycles to the deck, and Gladiator Beast War Chariot prevents handtraps, several monster effects and disrupts a great deal of monsters, as it does not target.

The New Challengers

Gladiator Beast Andabata: Its main use lies in its attack stat, and summoning Gladiator Beast Gyzarus easily enough (being the only Level 7 or lower in the Extra Deck).

Gladiator Beast Domitianus: Great defensive tool with monster effect denial. Also has great presence due to its high stats, and can be brought with ease. Have fun.

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus: One of the best contacts since early stages of Gladiator Beast's life as a deck. Destroying up to two cards is just too strong, and bringing two gladiators when tagging-out is just too good. He is also Summoned way too easy, having several options to bring him in.

Gladiator Beast Heraklinos: His greatest strength lies in both high stats and good effect that is not activated once per turn, though costs a card to be discarted. He also cannot tag-out, which limits his versatility, but bringing both him and Gladiator Beast Domitianus will be a big enough board to have your opponent think as their options will be thinner.

Gladiator Beast Nerokius: Nerokius has an ancient gear-like effect, so tagging with him will be easier, as he has a strong Attack stat, and by doing so, you'll bring another two monsters to control the board even easier.

Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor: A big powerhouse of the deck, which is one of the newest and strongest fusions, as its effect of Special Summoning fusion monsters from the Extra Deck will aid in a lot of control, bringing in Gladiator Beast Heraklinos for spell/trap negation,  Gladiator Beast Domitianus for effect denial, or maybe Gladiator Beast Gyzarus for destruction. Simply great to have.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess: Great monster for swarming decks, and this is one of those. Effect denial and big attack is something you want when using this deck.

Gladiator Beast Dragases: Prevents effects with an Ancient Gear-like effect, plus destruction by battle denial on your attacking monsters. He won't last long on the field, as tagging-out will bring two companions, so that effect should be used fully.

Test Panther: A stronger Test Tiger, as it won't tribute itself, and on Link Summoning will give you hand to toy with, best when used with a current Gladiator Beast on your field, as you can bring Gladiator Beast Vespasius or Gladiator Beast Noxius to your hand, then tagging-out into Gladiator Beast Augustus so you can Special summon one of the former, so you can quickly contact into Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterEffect Veiler x2
Gladiator Beast Attorix x1
Gladiator Beast Augustus x1
Gladiator Beast Bestiari x2
Gladiator Beast Darius x3
Gladiator Beast Equeste x1
Gladiator Beast Laquari x2
Gladiator Beast Murmillo x1
Gladiator Beast Noxious x2
Gladiator Beast Retiari x1
Gladiator Beast Sagittarii x1
Gladiator Beast Vespasius x2
Test Tiger x3
SpellsGladiator Beast's Comeback x3
Gladiator Proving Ground x3
Gladiator Rejection x1
Gladiator Beast's Respite x3
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Raigeki x1
Shrink x2
TrapsDefensive Tactics x1
Gladiator Beast War Chariot x3
ExtraGladiator Beast Andabata x1
Gladiator Beast Domitianus x2
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus x2
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos x1
Gladiator Beast Nerokius x1
Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor x2
Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess x2
Gladiator Beast Dragases x2
Test Panther x2
SideAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring x2
Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion x2
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2
Nibiru, the Primal Being x2
Book of Moon x1
Called by the Grave x2
Compulsory Escape Device x2
Evenly Matched x2
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