Ghostrick – Ghost House

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Ghostrick Angel of Mischief
Submission Date: March 26th 2018
Author: Blason
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Take slow and steady control of the board by using Ghostrick monsters to constantly swap monster positions to your advantage. Ghostrick Lantern is a key card as well as Ghostrick Angel of Mischief (She is the powerhouse). I added two other XYZ cards to add more aggresion those being Utopia cards and Dark Rebellion dragons.

Deck List
MonsterGhostrick Lantern x2
Ghostrick Yuki-onna x2
Ghostrick Skeleton x2
Ghostrick Specter x2
Ghostrick Stein x3
Ghostrick Mummy x3
Ghostrick Doll x1
Ghostrick Jackfrost x2
SpellsRaigeki x1
Dark Hole x1
Ghostrick Mansion x2
Ghostrick Parade x2
Ghostrick Museum x2
TrapsGhostrick Scare x2
Ghostrick-Go-Round x2
Ghostrick Break x2
Ghostrick Night x2
Ghostrick Vanish x2
Mirror Force x3
Ghostrick Renovation x2
ExtraGhostrick Alucard x3
Ghostrick Angel of Mischief x2
Ghostrick Socuteboss x2
Ghostrick Dullahan x3
Number 39: Utopia x1
Number S39: Utopia Prime x1
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon x2
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