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Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Genex Power Planner
Submission Date: September 10th 2018
Author: sam50
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Genex" ( Jenekusu) is an archetype of mostly Machine monsters with various Attributes (primarily DARK) that exist in the TCG/OCG. Most of their effects involves adding monsters from the Deck to the hand and Special Summon them, as well as using "Genex Controller" with low-Level monsters of the four basic Attributes for Synchro Summon. The name of "Genex" Synchro Monsters takes after sources of energy such as hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, etc.

"Genex" monsters were introduced in "Duel Terminal - Invasion of Worms!!". Two more sub-archetypes were added in "Justice Strikes Back!!", "Champion of Chaos!!" and "Charge of the Genex!!": "R-Genex" and "Genex Ally", respectively.

Playing style

In terms of viability, the "Genex" archetype suffers from having purely monsters and no Spell/Trap support. While the main archetype mostly revolves around the use of "Genex Controller" to achieve various effects and perform Synchro Summons of the Extra Deck monsters, "R-Genex" focuses on assisting the Special Summon of Genex and "R-Genex" monsters for swarming, and "Genex Ally" focuses on manipulating the six attributes to achieve different effects.

It is nearly impossible to build a Deck centering around "Genex" monsters since their effects have little to no relation to each other. Instead, some useful "Genex" monsters are listed below:


Deck List
MonsterGenex Ally Birdman x1
Genex Ally Chemistrer x2
Genex Ally Remote x2
Genex Recycled x1
Genex Spare x2
Genex Undine x2
Genex Ally Solid x1
Genex Ally Changer x2
Genex Ally Volcannon x1
Genex Ally Powercell x1
Genex Ally Duradark x2
Genex Ally Crusher x2
Genex Ally Bellflame x1
Genex Army x1
Genex Gaia x2
Genex Turbine x1
Genex Searcher x2
Genex Ally Reliever x1
Genex Worker x1
Genex Blastfan x2
Genex Doctor x1
Genex Furnace x1
Genex Solar x1
Genex Neutron x2
SpellsMachine Assembly Line x2
Machine Conversion Factory x2
7 Completed x2
Limiter Removal x1
TrapsMachine King - 3000 B.C. x2
Time Machine x2
ExtraWindmill Genex x2
Hydro Genex x2
Thermal Genex x2
Genex Ally Axel x2
Genex Ally Triforce x2
Geo Genex x1
Genex Ally Triarm x2
SideBurden of the Mighty x2
Pot of Duality x2
Pot of Greed x1

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