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Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Shell Knight
Submission Date: November 21st 2020
Last Updated: February 12th 2021
Author: Skadouken
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OK, so the other day we got quite the spoiler bomb for the Fossil archetype: Shell Knight. We don't have it on the database yet so I'm using Cannonball Spear Shellfish as the substitute in this list.

We're only running 1 copy of this little guy, but boy does his presence affect the look of our deck even at such a low number! I've completely retooled the deck to include Gaia-Plate the Earth Giant as a target for him (as well as being an easy SS if he ends up in hand), as well as adding in Trade-In to further increase our graveyard dump and churn power. This then led to the inclusion of extra Kaijus as Trade-In fodder, and even the addition of Interrupted Kaiju Slumber.

Shell Knight increases the Fossil archetype's OTK power by magnitudes, and the deck was already really good at it! If it wasn't obvious yet, this deck really wants to go 2nd if possible.

Gameciel is an obvious choice of Kaiju since it's the easiest to run over, but our choice for our 2nd Kaiju being Gadarla has a few reasons behind it: 1) It's an 8-star for Trade-In, and 2) It sports a large attack for when we summon it to our field, while still being small enough to be taken out my Skull King in combat.

Keystone is an exceptionally good playmaker in this deck. It has too many uses to name. Making easy link summon turns, recycling our pieces, giving us a free card to pitch to Skull King, the list goes on. This little rock that could is the real deal.

This leaves the rest of the monsters. Revival Golem might look a little funny, but he's extremely useful for setting up link summons off of any of our graveyard dumps (especially Mathematician.) Speaking of, Mathematician is also an insane card here. He sets up all sorts of nonsense and makes our deck run buttery smooth. Rounding out the monster line-up we have our Psy-Frame Gear Gamma. Gamma is our hand trap of choice for both setting up our Fossil Fusion nicely by putting the opponents card in the bin, as well as being good to protect our own plays like Miracle Rupture and Trade-In.

All the spells are fairly self-explanatory, either setting up our graveyard or making big plays for us. Do note that Kaiju Slumber will proc your Fossil Fusion in the graveyard if you have a Fossil in play already; there are some very tricky and cool lines that you can set up to take advantage of this!

Skull King is our #1 summon target since, unlike Skullgios, he doesn't require our opponent to set-up and our own deck is ripe with 8-stars to feed him. He can even sometimes do more damage to your opponent that Skullgios, plus his graveyard-yoink effect card come in clutch against many archetypes. Because of these issues, we only play 1 Skullgios. He is still pretty easy to access, though, especially with so many Dragoons running around these days.

Skull Knight is really just a branch for Time Breach, and the other 2 Fossils in the extra deck are also pretty self-explanatory.

Cross-Sheep is absolutely stellar here. Fossil Fusion is one of the easiest enablers I've ever encountered for this guy, and he bridges so very easily into Accesscode Talker; make sure to also link I:P first for the indestructible! You can also easily make Missus Radiant with him. So many lines offered by this card that there's too many to list; you've just gotta keep an eye out for them.

Missus Radiant ups our OTK potential. Even Mathematician is a respectable beater with her out! Skull King and Skullgios will also bring the hammer down on our opponents LP very quickly using her bonus, the latter of which can deal 8000 damage in one shot to an opponent through a 0 attack or defense monster. Absolutely stunning link monster for the deck.

Rounding out the extra deck we have I:P, who is mainly used for the aforementioned Accesscode lines. However, she also pairs quite well with Knightmare Unicorn in a pinch. Unicorn is just a great universal out to have access to. Finally, Linkuriboh is the GOAT in any deck that can easily summon him (thanks, Nemeses Keystone!)

Toggle Deck List
MonsterPSY-Frame Driver x1
Gaia Plate the Earth Giant x3
Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju x3
Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x3
Weathering Soldier x3
Revival Golem x1
Mathematician x3
Shell Knight x1
PSY-Framegear Gamma x3
Nemeses Keystone x2
SpellsCard Destruction x1
Foolish Burial x1
Fossil Fusion x3
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x3
Miracle Rupture x3
Time Stream x3
Trade-In x3
ExtraFossil Dragon Skullgios x2
Fossil Warrior Skull King x3
Fossil Warrior Skull Knight x2
Fossil Dragon Skullgar x1
Fossil Warrior Skull Bone x2
Accesscode Talker x1
Missus Radiant x1
I:P Masquerena x1
Cross-Sheep x1
Linkuriboh x1
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