What Article/Series Should I Do Next?

OP Crunch$G • 10 months ago - (edited 10 months ago)

Hello, I've been working on articles for a few years now and I still got several ideas ready to go or can quickly be ready to go that I haven't gotten to yet. There's also a few series of articles I did in the past I want to continue to keep things up to date. As of writing this, I can't decide on which idea to go with next, so I thought I'd poll the community to see what they might want to see from me next. I'll use this thread post below of ideas that could be done in the immediate future. If a topic doesn't win, it doesn't mean I won't do it, I mainly intended to go in order from the most popular topic to least popular. I also take suggestions for the future, but for now feel free to vote on the provided poll in the comments and the most popular topic will be done with top priority.


1 - Competitve Fusion Archetypes

2 - Frogs in Competitve History

3 - Blackwings in Competitive History

4 - The Competitive Success of the Duel Terminal Lore

5 - Continue the Engines in Yu-Gi-Oh History Series