New Archetype: Purery

OP I_Nomad_I • 1 year ago
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11 new cards revealed for Amazing Defenders.

henrystick • 1 year ago
Talk about a cluttered archetype
Soulburst200 • 1 year ago
I love this archtype! The art is really cute and the monster changing form based on the spell is pretty cool. It seems like these fluffy little things are going to end up being monsters thoufh with that 5 time blanket negate, up to 6000 effect damage from declaring attacks, alongside the fact that they can make a huge Zeus quickly, and can work with a spright engine to spam their xyz monsters. I wonder what neat things being fairy allows them to do and mix with.
amorphage • 1 year ago
It’s very gimmicked, I see and like the idea of it (it’s adorable) but I don’t think unless they get a miracle of a card it probably won’t get anywhere.
I feel like this is a time thief thing but much worse, this is what time thief was supposed to be like in a way.
It’s got some good cards but it lacks quite a few things.
What it mainly lacks a consistent way to either turbo the decks win con setup out (x-happiness and all of the quickplay spells equipped) or stall until you can get it out (as it mainly can only act on your turn and on your opponents turn you get protection effects), you can definitely do the turbo part but not too consistently as you probably won’t get to do the full setup in one go.
The alternative I see is that you probably could pump out a lot of xyz monsters in one go. Because purery isn’t a opt and the quickplay spells dump it on the field you can grab multiple xyz monsters in one take and make things like draco future.
But this deck sure can make a mean Zeus.
Snagglepup • 1 year ago
Kind of feels like unless they get more main deck monsters you could easily shut them out early in with some well placed banishes
Soulburst200 • 1 year ago
For those who are building the deck, don't forget to add in One for One, it basically does tge same thing as the purery memories(send 1, summon Purery from the deck, except you dont have to waste a memory to get purery out.) Also Sky striker spells work in here, and once used can be used as material for Epurery Plump. Furthermore, a normal summoned Purery whos effect was negated can be linked into salamangreat almiraj so you can activate the Sky Steiker spells if things go wrong. Tri - Brigade and Dark World also work as discarding them chains their effects.
spright • 1 year ago
kuriboh + purery =cutest deck ever
Odyssen • 1 year ago
I went against this archetype in Edo Pro with a pure tri brigade deck, the match was pretty hard and funny due to the recycle power and all the weird negations and xyz spamming of this new archetype. I think is pretty cool, in my opinion it can considered like an improved version of some xyz spams archetype like time thief, maybe it won’t be as good as the zoodiac when drident and broadbull were legal but the fact that they have recycle power, a lot of opponent’s turn interactions and an easy way to go into ZEUS can make this deck pretty strong. We’ll see :D