master duel deck creation info how can i create a master duel deck? there is no master duel option in the deck building
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ema vi • 21 hours ago
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Cannot find my cube in search No matter what I do I cannot find my cube in the search function. This is the link to my cube: it has 9
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ArjunanT • 2 days ago
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json.exception.parse_error.101 with the Companion App json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at line 1, column 125172: syntax error while parsing object key - unexpected number literal;Anyone knows how to fix this? Tried running as admin
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Vogelweide • 1 week ago
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Missing Card Sets in API Seems some card sets are missing, the one I specifically saw was "Speed Duel GX: Midterm Destruction". I was using the API to lookup SGX4-ENA01 which should return
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Nanorithm • 2 weeks ago
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CSV Import Failing All but 2 Card Set Codes are failing and being skipped. Double checked all column headers, looked for differences between successful imports and failed, cross referenced several Card Set Codes on C
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Inkrihs • 2 weeks ago
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Collection maintenance How much is going to be the collection manager online? It wasn't a few hours, a day has passed, wanna know why
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Whitekaiser • 2 months ago
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Union Monsters Just inform you that the new Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank retrains from the last pack arent in the database.
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MelffyPuppy • 3 weeks ago
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I can't find some cards Card list:1 - Dizzy Angel2 - Dizzy Tiger3 - Flipping the Table4 - Hot Sauce Bottle 
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Aldiben TT • 4 weeks ago
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Deck Builder, Search "Illusion" monster missing Hello, on the main Card Database the search filter for Illusion monsters is available However in the Deck Builder Search Filter for illusion monsters is not? 
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divilspeed • 4 weeks ago
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Suggest Feature in Deckbuilding not Working? Hello, not sure if it's just me but the Suggest feature that was working yesterday* I think is no longer working. It comes up with " 
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divilspeed • 1 month ago
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