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Custom Yugi/Kaiba Decks! I've been experimenting with cards in my collection to create character decks that incorporate modernized support while keeping to the speed and playstyle of the earlier formats. Now I'm presenting
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LazyDuelist69 • 6 days ago
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Mannadium Tearlaments I made a Mannadium Tearlaments deck (with a bit of Scareclaw) and made a guide to it. If anyone can give me feedback or improvements, please let me know. Here's the link for ya'll if you wan
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CrankyBoy • 10 months ago
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Deck construction Hi, I don't know what the best solution is between choosing a meta deck and an anti-meta deck ? (efficiency, budget, etc.).
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mak08 • 1 week ago
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Evil Twin Splight The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.  Read Full Article
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coryjex • 1 year ago
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Looking for help to build my Eldlich Branded Deck I think I might be cooking with this or not I've tested a little bit it's really consistent especially with the balerdroch engine. I think it's a really good deck for more intermediate players beca
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MrWhen • 8 months ago
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How do I improve my Dinosmasher's Fury structural deck Hello! I am a beginner duelist. I started on YGO not long ago, and bought the "Dinosmasher's Fury" structural deck. It comes with the following cards: 1x Petiteranodon1x U
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danrley2 • 2 months ago
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Deck List Help I'm trying to get a decently cheap and fun pair of decks to play with a friend. He likes insects so I found a good Beetrooper starter, but I need a good deck to compete with it without being overpo
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jessicaherron • 1 month ago
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Battleguard deck duel links The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.  Read Full Article
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lightness4000 • 1 year ago
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Question about pure D/D/D Looking for tips on bringing out King Kali Yuga during opponent's turn for a pure D/D/D deck. The one that I've discovered was using "Wonder Xyz" trap card, are there other ways besides that
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Nivla • 1 month ago
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what decks should i look out for and what should i side I have camebck to yugioh after a year and am having some trouble countering the meta,for example purrely and lab are giving me trouble so any suggestions for what i should side to counter them?
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pochirate • 10 months ago
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