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Neuron to YGOPRODECK How do I transfer a deck from yugioh neuron on android to this site deck builder? 
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h34dstr0ng96 • 1 week ago
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Deck building Resonator Archfiend Hi I'm currently have aa resonator red dragon archfiend deck. And was wondering if I could get help with making it stronger? What ratio of the resonators should I be playing? 
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Prainduelist • 1 month ago
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Improving my Harpie Deck Hi, I've been visting my local shop to play games against other people and made a Harpie deck because I think it's a fun off-meta archetype and has gotten pretty cool support card over the y
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Seth Abercromby • 1 month ago
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Mayakeldlick - A Zombie Revival Deck! Wanting Feedback Hello! My main deck that I use for most of my duels is the one I am showing you right now. I am not quite sure how well it stacks up in y'alls eyes, so I wanted to recieve some feedback and maybe m
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The Epsilonity • 2 months ago
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Tenyi Spirit deck! Could someone give me feedback? So, uh, bit of a problem with my earlier post. BUT! all I wanted to ask is if someone could give me feedback on a (relatively) pure Tenyi Spirit deck I made as part of a challenge. Every bit of hel
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DaFallen • 2 months ago
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2010 and older in Master Duel W1, I wanna see if old cards are still viable in modern. Cause my buddy is using a Dark Magician deck from 2009 meta, and I'm currently thinking of using Archfiend which I barely have knowledge of.
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DrunkenMoon • 4 months ago
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Variant arts I don't know how to put other variant arts of the card in the deck builder
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LWattary • 4 months ago
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Need Help trying to mend this two types together. I need help making this deck a bit more fluid,  I am trying run together
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Seto69Kaiba • 7 months ago
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need help building a deck built around a weird extra de I want to run a generic fusion heavy extra deck with cards I already own. I like to come up with weird deck ideas. I already have chosen a few cards for the extra deck.  I want a controling de
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Thunderkid • 7 months ago
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How come I can't put anymore harpie ladies in my deck? I was in the midst of creating a harpie based deck when I realised that there are certain cards that won't fit in if theres about three more of a monster that has the word "harpie lady" on it which
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DeCard_KingShark • 8 months ago
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