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Progression Series As title suggests, looking for a partner for a "Progression Series" What different is - I'm not a native English speaker. I know it pretty well, but it's still my
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Ivas • 1 month ago
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looking for duelists to make a progression tournament Hi, I am new here and after watching Cimo's progression series I wanted to try to start doing a progression tournament with 8 people, where everyone starts opening 24 Legend of the Blue Eyes booste
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Tomer3392 • 2 months ago
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Progression Partner? Hi hi. I've been looking for someone to do the entire progression series with. I'm legit free most days and always wanting to do this but sadly most people stop replying or abandon in the first 2 s
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MistilArtist • 4 months ago
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Progression Series/Just general Yugioh gaming Lookin for some fellows to do a progression playoffs based progression thing. Also just people to play yugioh with online cuz god is it boring to just play across from an unresponsive name on maste
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bdeatz • 6 months ago
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Progression Series! Looking for a Progression Series Partner (who does not leave after a few sets). I'd like to start in GX and like opening 3 packs of every sets of DM , just to skip the early boring duels.
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DannyPlaysN64 • 8 months ago
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Progression Series partner Looking for a consistent partner to do a progression series with. IF interested in discussing. Message herascorn on discord. I look forward to speaking with you!
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Heracorn • 9 months ago
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Prog Series Looking for a Prog series partner if interested DM me on Discord Name is acenn no numbers anymore    
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Acen • 10 months ago
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Progression Would love to do some sort of progression series with someone/a group. The main way to contact me is on discord, xBumbleBee#1191. Hope to hear from someone :) 
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xBumbleBee • 11 months ago
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Draft Just wanted a quick partner to do a retro draft format then duel on Duelingbook
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Blue-Eyes Synchron • 1 year ago
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progression duel /master duel / chaotic draft hello, my name flames4002. i looking for anyone that want to play ether of the three in the title.  rules will be said  here and on discord incase you want to just play one
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flames4002 • 1 year ago
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