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problems with old account By Thunderkid - 1 day ago 73I Had to make a new account because my old account would not let me post. Everytime I tried to post something I got the following response Google Capatcha Verification Failed! It has ide1 day ago1
SGX1-ENE07 card in collection By GearAdam - 3 days ago 73SGX1-ENE07 is Cyber Tutubon in the Collection, but in reality, it's Cyber Tutu.3 days ago1
Cube Draft Glitches By EndlessGadgets - 1 week ago 364Glad to hear it went ok for your friend but I am still going to investigate to see if I can reproduce. 6 days ago5
Cards sets are not including all cards By dsuarez18 - 1 week ago 277Those are the promo cards. You are looking for the mega pack. week ago2
uploading .ydk file By DragonZlay_Test - 1 week ago 159Howdy,   There is a button on the collection manager page to import from a .ydk file.    1 week ago2
Diff between tcg collector value and price show by site By Tomic102 - 2 weeks ago 227Image of pricesWhat is the diff between the 2 highlighted prices? where are each total getting there value fr2 weeks ago1
Error Importing CSV Collection with Custom Pack Data By Takio - 3 weeks ago 312Thanks for response  <a href="">world of mario</a>  2 weeks ago3
Spellbound cart art needs to be updated. By stefandibi - 2 weeks ago 147The rest of the Darkwing Blast cards have their proper card art.   That's it!2 weeks ago1
Delete card from a page > 1 on the collection By shuuhei - 2 weeks ago 196Hello, I found this issue when I was ordering some cards in my collection.When you delete a card from the collection, the refresh returns you to the page 1. Is not a big bug, but is a 2 weeks ago1
Cards Lacking OCG Cropped Art By GamingFan1997 - 2 weeks ago 230I've noticed that a few of the cards exclusively use the TCG variant for their cropped artwork. I'm not sure how many exactly, but the ones that I know for sure have this problem are 2 weeks ago1