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Warrior Counter-control help By kingzilla - 4 weeks ago 262I've been trying to build a warrior deck that is built on countering and control. I do not really have an archetype to base it on and my ideas so far are terrible even by old standards, but I am tr4 weeks ago1
I have a Main Deck, but no ideas for an Extra Deck By Seren_Branwen - 2 months ago 414Anate: Well first of all, your deck is actually slow compare to the meta 2 months ago6
Friend wants to build Blue-Eyes By Samm99663 - 2 months ago 569Thanks, I'll show him the list.2 months ago7
Need help building a competitive deck with dinomorphia By Collin “The Hammer” Brule - 2 months ago 637so i built my dinomorphia deck and i dont really know what engine or engines I could run with is in order to duel competitively with it 2 months ago1
Help main deck from extra deck By kingzilla - 3 months ago 571I Know I have a lot of cards that do not really work competitively or work together, but I looked through what I have and tried to make an extra deck that seemed interesting and might work together3 months ago1
First YCS Build Idea and Help By kingzilla - 3 months ago 448Hi. I am planning to go to my first YCS in October and am trying to build a deck. I do not particularly like meta decks really but am willing to give one a try, but I really like the idea of a non 3 months ago1
New to YuGiOh, help building a deck using cards from Ghosts From the Past 2nd Haunting By SunnyCalJon - 3 months ago 440Hi, as title says, I am new to YuGiOh, I bought a display box of Ghosts From the Past 2nd Haunting and got some pretty awesome lookin cards and was wondering if it is possible to build a deck using3 months ago1
LV 8 Decks By talgoose - 3 months ago 405since the apparition of the martial arts spirits i wanted to take advantage of the fact they are scale 9, here are my two ideas: V.1 2x Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior 2x Igkn3 months ago1
deck making randomizer By Civilianwest - 3 months ago 365wish they made it so when you use randomizer button, it uses the cards in your collection instead.3 months ago1
Need help building/using a vampire zombie deck By munchkin3204 - 4 months ago 1670I am really enjoying reading your well written articles[url=][size=1][color=#FFF3 months ago2