Field Spells: Modern Gamebreakers

Field Spell effects have turned from small boosts to big hauls as the years went by. Today we’ll be looking at some of these examples and find out what makes them modern game breakers. These spells are considered to be degenerate by some, so let’s see if this holds true.

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Mid-Breaker of Hopes

Magical Mid-Breaker Field

Magical Mid-Breaker Field is a card that has never seen play in “fair” strategies. This is because it provides rare protection for your monsters or your plays once you have it going.

Breaker’s claim to fame is stopping a good bunch of hand traps that your opponent can use against you. Blocking Infinite Impermanence, Ogre, Gamma, and Veiler was certainly a huge selling point at the time, and still is.

Full power Gouki was one of the main wielders of this card, keeping their lines of play safe against the used hand traps at the time. Nibiru wasn’t out, so that wasn’t an option either. Dark Warrior and Danger FTK also made use of Breaker.

After its limit, it saw play in a few combo piles. Adamancipator pre-Block Dragon ban used it to the fullest as extra safety towards hand traps. This is because Koa’ki Meiru Guardian dealt with the things MMBF couldn’t, and vice-versa. Gem-Knight FTK had some neat showings with it a year ago in a few regionals. Denying your opponent ways of blocking your plays is that huge for combo decks with a high reward end goal in mind. Gem FTK in particular, since it just burned you for 8000 with Lady Lapis Lazuli and friends.

Currently, Infernoble Knight is certainly enjoying the mileage out of Mid-Breaker as it’s able to protect its key power players in both Crystron Halqifibrax and Isolde.

Its protection also comes up against control decks, limiting their ways on how they can clear your field. A lot of their stuff tends to target or destroy which is a plus.

Mid-breaker is rightfully limited on the list, no debate.

Peace and Calamity

Dragonic Diagram was a monstrous force, fueling both True Draco and True King strategies to the fullest. Full power True Draco with three Diagram and Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King was a sight to behold.

MP plagued the metagame and still remains banned to this day, unlikely to ever come off the list. Despite this, Draco persisted as a strong control deck that were able to run a lot of ignorant traps while being both good first and second thanks to their built-in engine being that solid. Apocalypse, Heritage, Disciples, and Return not only gave high utility, but also tore through opponent’s cards like little else. Battle protection came up a good bit as it made it even harder to clear their mini Dracos while they kept plussing.

It was only up until Diagram and Demise’s limit that the deck died down in usage. The hit to Dinomight was also a huge blow for seeing Apocalypse.

On the other hand, True Kings were a gross engine that allowed easy access to a superb Xyz monster, True King of All Calamities.

Calamities’ effect to shut down the opponent entirely was and still remains a disgusting weapon for decks that can access it. Destruction synergies also meant Diagram paired well with decks like Dinosaurs and Yang Zings.

Lithosagym is the most infamous out of the TKs, able to rip cards out of your Extra Deck which removed a lot of counters or even messed with your engine! Bahrastos and Agnimazud were not too far behind.

Marianme also was hyped thanks to an interaction with Fuma, which lead to some neat TK SS mixes.

Whether be it True Draco as a deck or True Kings being splashed, Diagram is one heck of a modern Field and is rightfully limited.

The Sleeper Awakens

SPYRAL Resort is undoubtedly one of the best Field Spells ever printed in the game’s history. It’s not hard to see why, thanks to its whole host of powerful effects that pushed the deck to be as dominant as it was.

Resort allows you to grab any archetypal monster or combo piece needed in your deck. Be it Super Agent, Drone, Fix, Tough, Last Resort, or Sleeper, it had you covered. A clear lack of hard once-per-turn effects was also unsettling.

Second, protection from targeting is a huge buff to your Spies in general. As a result, this shielded them from cards such as Impermanence and Effect Veiler, making them decent against hand traps! It also protected Last Resort from ways of removing it, say against Cosmic Cyclone or Twin Twisters if your opponent tried to exploit SPYRAL Sleeper’s effect.

Recycling had its moments, playing nicely with Barricadeborg Blocker or putting cards like Quik-Fix back into the deck.

SPYRAL even ruled two formats even with the hits and the limiting to Quik-Fix and Resort the second time around. Knightmare Unicorn worked by returning Resort into the deck for Master Plan to fetch for Round 2! Magicians’ Souls turned the deck on its head too.

SPY has seen a lot of competitive success in the past few years, especially when Double Helix was released. The current hits to the deck have rendered it in a poor state, so only time will tell if we’ll ever get Spy 3.

It’s a different story for the OCG, who has near full power SPYRAL and the threat of Grinder Golem.

Tower of Bork

Orcustrated Babel

Orcustrated Babel was and still is an insane Field Spell, breaking wide open the power of the Orcust monsters in your GY, as well as Galatea and Longirsu. Playing on your opponent’s turn is a trait not many decks can boast.

Orcust flexed its full might when both Mermaid and Harp Horror were around, allowing for bone-chilling setups! These threats terrorized the meta up until they were eventually banned a while back. IP + Babel was the threat to beat, after all.

While the deck isn’t as strong anymore, it remains a rogue contender as it still packs a punch with Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight, and the help of auxiliary engines such as Scrap and Machinas make it decent too. Bardiche and Sacred Beast engine for Curious are also usable pieces for the deck.

Never forget Skeleton effect revive Ding , ladies and gentlemen. Just watch out for a fridge (Scrap Golem) in your opening hand.

Honorable Mentions

Trickstar Light Stage had a ton of crazy effects and was one of the most splashed engines at full power.

Mystic Mine for its floodgate effect that has bested even the best players in the scene and continues to dominate!

Union Hangar for letting ABC do some crazy combos off just the card itself.

Divine Wind of Mist Valley for allowing countless Blaze Fenix FTKs and a couple of loops.

Chicken Game is an absurd draw spell that happens to be the only banned Field as of now.

Kozmotown for starting the trend of strong and impactful Field Spells for modern decks.


And there we have it folks! What was your favorite of the crazy Field Spells? Did you think I missed any on the list? Let me know!

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