Exodia (via Mauricio) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta
Deck Master: Exodia the Forbidden One
Deck Version: 0.1
Latest Revision Date: 29th August 2016
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Exodia Deck Structure


Credit to Mauricio for Deck submission.

– Draw Exodia cards.
– Avoid direct attacks.
– Recover cards from the graveyard.

Deck List
Monsters Exodia the Forbidden One x1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Right Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Right Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Left Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive x2
Destiny HERO – Defender x1
Cyber Valley x2
Marshmallon x1
Des Lacooda x1
Emissary of the Afterlife x2
Jar Turtle x2
Worm Linx x1
Des Feral Imp x2
Cardcar D x1
Spells Upstart Goblin x1
One Day of Peace x1
Book of Eclipse x1
Hand Destruction x1
Cup of Ace x2
Pot of Duality x2
Shard of Greed x1
Level Limit – Area B x1
Traps Appropriate x1
Gravity Bind x1
Damage Polarizer x1
Jar of Avarice x1
Jar of Greed x3
Good Goblin Housekeeping x3



Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • TBA.
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4 thoughts on “Exodia (via Mauricio) V0.1

  • October 4, 2016 at 1:18 pm



    I tried this deck a few times and I never got exoida ;-;

  • February 18, 2017 at 7:05 am



    need more draw cards

  • Avatar
    January 23, 2019 at 11:00 pm



    The sad thing is that you can’t us pot of greed or advarice

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