Exodia Stall/Search

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Exodia the Forbidden One
Submission Date: April 23rd 2019
Author: dakbaxter
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Basically a simplistic Exodia deck focusing on stalling, searching, and defense

Toggle Deck List
MonsterExodia the Forbidden One x1
Right Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Right Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Left Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Witch of the Black Forest x3
Legion the Fiend Jester x2
Swift Scarecrow x2
Cardcar D x2
Cyber Valley x2
Battle Fader x3
Metaion, the Timelord x1
Marshmallon x2
SpellsOne Day of Peace x1
Upstart Goblin x1
Swords of Revealing Light x3
Shard of Greed x2
Pot of Dichotomy x1
Card Trader x1
TrapsEvenly Matched x2
Mirror Force x2
Negate Attack x2
Solemn Strike x2
Torrential Tribute x1

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