Espa Roba – Battle City

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Jinzo
Submission Date: June 27th 2018
Author: AkaiRosé
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This resembles Roba's Deck used in Battle City.

I also used to make this deck as accurate as possible.

*Not all 40+ cards of his deck where known, so I added cards that fits his theme.

*I didn't use any Anime exclusive cards.

Deck List
MonsterJinzo x1
The Fiend Megacyber x1
Reflect Bounder x1
Inpachi x1
The Illusory Gentleman x1
Cyber Soldier of Darkworld x1
Blocker x1
Wattkid x1
Cannon Soldier x1
Cyber Raider x2
Cybernetic Cyclopean x2
Big Eye x2
Electric Snake x1
Hiro's Shadow Scout x1
Jinzo 7 x1
Magician of Faith x1
SpellsMesmeric Control x2
Mind Control x1
Reasoning x1
The Inexperienced Spy x2
Monster Reborn x1
Gift of the Martyr x1
Mind Wipe x2
Senri Eye x2
Amplifier x1
Snatch Steal x1
TrapsAltar for Tribute x1
Acid Trap Hole x1
Mind Haxorz x2
Infinite Dismissal x1
Light of Intervention x2
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