Duel Academy Ruka (Tag Force 6)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon
Submission Date: April 6th 2020
Author: NexxOmega
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Did she really use Batterymen in the anime? In TF6 she does :/

What did the dev's think, when they constructed her Extra Deck? It doesn't fit her

Also: Does anyone actually use Batterymen?

Note: This Deck has 3 Anime/TF Exclusive Cards, I obviously replaced them all

"Central Shield" -> "Air Cracking Storm" (Synchro Support)

"Pain to Power" -> "Bashing Shield"

"Power Converter" -> "Electro Whip"

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBatteryman AA x3
Batteryman AAA x3
Batteryman C x1
Batteryman Charger x3
Batteryman D x2
Batteryman Fuel Cell x2
Batteryman Industrial Strength x1
Batteryman Micro-Cell x3
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon x1
Vylon Sphere x1
SpellsBattery Charger x1
Air Cracking Storm x1
Dangerous Machine Type-6 x1
Electromagnetic Shield x2
Lightning Vortex x1
Bashing Shield x1
Electro-Whip x1
Power Pickaxe x1
Quick Charger x1
Recycling Batteries x1
Rocket Pilder x1
Short Circuit x2
TrapsJudgment of Thunder x2
Level Conversion Lab x1
Portable Battery Pack x2
Raigeki Bottle x1
SideAlly of Justice Catastor x2
Ally of Justice Decisive Armor x1
Ally of Justice Field Marshal x1
Life Stream Dragon x3
Power Tool Dragon x3
Vylon Alpha x1
Vylon Delta x1
Vylon Epsilon x2
Vylon Sigma x1
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I like Archetype decks or decks from either the Anime or Yu-Gi-Oh! Games. So expect some recreations ^^

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