Dragunity: the Structure Deck That Wasn’t To Be

The OCG released the Dragunity Structure Deck by the end of August of 2020. TCG players anticipated the product’s arrival on this side of the card game, but it never came. Instead, Ghosts From the Past had it under its wing. Today we’ll look at the implications of the Dragunity cards on the archetype and for other Dragon strategies!

1-card Nibiru Counter

Dragunity Remus

Dragunity Remus is the most pivotal cards that got released in Ghosts From the Past. Being able to just grab Dragon Ravine is a ridiculous boost in consistency for the Dragunity archetype, but that’s not all that it does!

Having access to Dragon Ravine means that you can use its effect to either dump a dragon from the deck to grave, or add a Dragunity monster from the deck to hand. This allows any Dragon-based strategy to utilize Remus as a 1-card Nibiru protection. How so? Ravine will be able to add Dragunity Legatus, another newly released card. Legatus can bring itself out for free with Ravine on board. After that, Remus’ graveyard effect will be live, allowing it to revive itself for free! That gets you to Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg. Gae Dearg will then add and discard Baby Roc, which will then trigger to special summon itself. And there you have it – a level 6 non tuner synchro monster and a level 2 tuner. Y’all know what means. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Yup, you can bring out your first monster negate exactly on the 5th summon.

Boomer Elpy


A lot of people have forgotten about Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, since Guardragon Elpy has just been better, and easier to access. Atum brings out any dragon from the deck and just makes its ATK and DEF 0, but does NOT negate its effect. This is akin to Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres, which is from the same archetype.

Atum is a ridiculously good card, for the same reasons that people have been crying to get Elpy banned. Anything that freely summons from deck tends to be a good card. In the Dragunity deck, Atum will usually bring out Leyvaten which can then equip one from the grave. This will usually be something like Dragunity Couse, which can be used as a level 4 when used for a synchro summon. That means that Dragunity Knight Barcha will be doable, even with Couse and a level 4 such as Zephyros.

Dragunity going once, twice, thrice…

Dragunity Gae Dearg

If you’ve played the game for a while, you’d know that most of the older cards usually do NOT have a “once per turn” clause. This is similarly true for the Dragunity cards. The most notable one is Gae Dearg. Having to use Gae Dearg to get to your first interruption (Crystal Wing) is good, since you can just reuse this card over and over.

Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon

One of the cards that can help facilitate the reusing of Gae Dearg is Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon. This bad boy usually adds a level 8 or lower dragon pendulum from deck to hand. In this deck, however, it has an even better effect! While on a scale, you can destroy this card to revive Dragon Fusion/Synchro/XYZ from the grave. You can revive Gae Dearg and use its effect to add either Baby Roc or Zephyros! On top of all that, since you’re using Odd-Eyes Revolution, you can also incorporate one Darkwurm and Gate Zero for even more extenders!

Extenders, anyone?

Dragunity Glow

Having established that Gae Dearg is a ridiculously good card that ISN’T once per turn, it only makes revival even more impactful in this deck. Mystletainn isn’t a new card, but it can equip Gae Dearg from the Grave, and Dragunity Glow can unequip it. Glow was also released in GFTP and allows you to add a level 5 or higher Dragunity monster from the Deck or GY to hand. The unequipping effect happens in the grave, which makes a revolutionary turn in how the Dragunity strategy gets played. And the good thing about it? You can just search it by using Romulus!

Dragunity Barcha

Dragunity Knight – Barcha has already been mentioned but I feel like it’s worth highlighting the effect of this guy. It can literally equip up to 3 Dragunities from the grave! That could be Dragunity Couse and Dragunity Phalanx, both of which can be unequipped to special summon themselves for free!

The Dragunity Endboard

Dragunity Endboard

So with all that being said, what does the deck actually do? Well, the image above, is what. Those are going to be the key cards left on the board after all the Gae Dearg-ing. So let’s run over what we have here.

The obvious and common ones are Crystal Wing, Borreload Savage, and Hieratic Seal. Just those three alone already get you 1 monster negate, 1 omni-negate, and a non-targetting bounce. That’s pretty good, right? But that is not even half as good as the remaining two cards! Amorphage Goliath locks both players from summoning from the Extra Deck except Amorphage monsters (which is essentially just a full lock). Since you have Goliath, Amorphage Lechery‘s scale effect will be live. Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s Imperial Order, but better. You won’t even be able to attempt to activate spells! Dark Ruler No More, Super Polymerization, Forbidden Droplet, whatever board breaking spell (or even engine spells), they’re going to be dead!

It’s safe to say this is a pretty unbreakable board. You would need a specific tandem of two Evenly Matched or an Imperm+Evenly (granted that you didn’t use Impermanence to try to stop the combo).

Is Dragunity even consistent?

Dragon Ravine

Romulus can already search Ravine, but we would usually want to save that for Dragunity Glow. So how much access do we have to Dragon Ravine? The answer is EIGHT cards. Obviously you’re going to be playing 3 Ravine’s in a pure Dragunity build. You add 3 Remus, 1 Terraforming, and 1 Gold Sarcophagus and you have eight!

Gold Sarc

Why Gold Sarc? Well, you can banish Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from the deck. That’ll trigger its effect and allow you to add a wind monster from the deck to hand! This gives you access to Remus!

Sample Dragunity Decklist

Dragunity – PhoenixFlareX


In terms of being able to end on ridiculously unbreakable and probably win-the-game-as-you-pass-turn boards, Dragunity is definitely up there. With all the consistency cards, it’s also gotten more resilient to interruption, but definitely not unbeatable! Having only Called by the Grave to counter Droll & Lock Bird (which is really popular right now) spells trouble for the deck. In addition to that, it does not have the space to play an ample amount of hand traps or going second cards. This makes the deck very die roll dependent! Also, you’re going to need to draw into your side deck cards for the inevitable Game 2’s and 3’s.

Do I wish it came in its own Structure Deck in the TCG, too? For sure. That would’ve made it another good SD for budget players to get ahold of and compete. Is pure going to be top tier? I doubt so, with the lack of versatility going 2nd.

All that being said, Dragunity seems like an enormously fun combo deck to play! While not looking like a tier 1 contender, we’ll have to wait and see – maybe someone can take it to the top!


Yugi Papi

Virtual World enthusiast. Orcustrated Duelist. Dark Magician collector that ventured into the competitive scene using Orcusts prior to it being meta! Currently using several other decks and consistently exploring as the meta develops.

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