Dogmatika Punishment: Card Analysis


ROTD is right around the corner with three archetypes to check out and some legacy support to boot! Today we’ll be checking out this one peculiar trap card which certainly has potential! 

Dragma Punishment


Punishment has a pretty simple effect. Get rid of your opponent’s monster for the price of one of your Extra Deck cards. It also locks you out from SS’ing in the Extra until the end of your next turn.

You may wonder why this is worth it due to the restrictions. It’s a targeted removal compared to other trap cards like Compulsory or even negation like Impermanence. 

Extra Deck Weapons

Bastard the Ashen Dragon
Dragma Punishment
Elder Entity N'tss
Dragma Punishment

The biggest selling point of the card is that not only you get to destroy their monster, but send a card from the Extra Deck!

One of the best ways to use this is to send cards that have effects when sent to the GY. Titaniklad the Ash Dragon is the cream of the crop as it lets you add or summon Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous during the End Phase, netting you more advantage. 

From that position, you can either get Fleur-De-Lis for some firepower or grab another copy of the trap. This starts a small but deadly advantage engine. The trap card protects the floodgate monster and searches in the End Phase. Ecclesia then gets the trap again, and so on.

This can shine in strategies that don’t care about their Extra Deck (or use it beforehand). For example, decks with Barrier Statues (either stun or Simorgh Link). 

Since Ecclesia is a mainstay in most Dogmatika strategies like Invoked, Eldlich, Zoodiac, and Shaddoll, they run some Punishments still.

Other strong options include:

Elder Entity N’tss for the dual destruction, Herald of the Arc Light for Ritual good stuff, Wind Pegasus for some fallback, Fossil Skull Knight for proactive destruction.

Toadally Awesome and PSY-Framelord Omega also fulfill some utilities that can be worth a look.

Sample Deck

Barrier Dragma

There’s been a lot of experimentation already with the more combo-oriented uses of Dogmatika’s sending to the Extra Deck. I’ll be presenting a different way to go about it, featuring the resource loop.

The deck is pretty straightforward with what it wants to do. Set up a Fossil Dyna or a Barrier Statue and protect them by using your various tools.

Stun always had the issue of running out of steam to last long enough, and this engine helps deal with that issue!

Dogmatika Punishment is a key player in making the deck tick and you have nine ways to see it. Extravagance also works just fine as you only ever need to resolve one Ashen to start the process. You’re also running other weapons to send off for Nadir and company.

Final Thoughts

Dogmatika Punishment’s restriction is hefty so there is a level of caution to keep in mind. The card also only affects monsters so it may not be always live. But overall, it is a pretty strong trap card that can fit in a lot of different decks. It uses the power of the Extra Deck in a unique manner. 


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