Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: blablabla
Submission Date: November 21st 2020
Author: lihnot
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MonsterBlackland Fire Dragon x1
Darkworld Thorns x1
Destroyer Golem x1
Ancient Elf x1
Sky Scout x1
Sealmaster Meisei x1
Great Angus x1
M-Warrior #2 x1
Flame Cerebrus x1
Hyosube x1
Hibikime x1
Kagemusha of the Blue Flame x1
Feral Imp x1
Dark King of the Abyss x1
Three-Headed Geedo x1
Souls of the Forgotten x1
Hayabusa Knight x1
Time Wizard x1
Sword Hunter x1
Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Trap Remover x1
The Unhappy Maiden x1
Amazoness Fighter x1
D.D. Crazy Beast x1
Mushroom Man #2 x1
KA-2 Des Scissors x1
The Little Swordsman of Aile x1
Bladefly x1
Masked Sorcerer x1
Yado Karu x1
Elephant Statue of Blessing x1
Dimension Jar x1
SpellsEarthquake x1
Stop Defense x1
Metalsilver Armor x1
Sword of the Soul-Eater x1
Raregold Armor x1
Poison of the Old Man x1
Tribute Doll x1
Yami x1
My Body as a Shield x1
TrapsEnchanted Javelin x2
Meteorain x1
Physical Double x1
Draining Shield x2
Shadow of Eyes x1
Light of Intervention x1
The Spell Absorbing Life x1
Time Seal x1
SideFreezing Beast x1
The Unhappy Girl x1
Nubian Guard x1
Lava Battleguard x1
Desertapir x1
Burning Land x1
Beast Fangs x1
7 Completed x1
Dragon Treasure x1
Judgment of the Desert x1
Adhesion Trap Hole x1
Labyrinth of Nightmare x1
Light of Judgment x1
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