Side Deck

2024-05-10 03:04:00
+ 1Cyber Dragon Nachster+ 1Cyberdark Invasion+ 1Cyber End Dragon+ 1Cyberdark Keel+ 1Overload Fusion+ 1Felgrand Dragon+ 1Cyberdark Chimera+ 1Paladin of Felgrand+ 1Infinite Impermanence+ 1Cyber Dragon Infinity+ 1Freed the Brave Wanderer+ 1Cyberdarkness Dragon+ 1Dimension Fusion+ 1Cyber Dragon Core+ 1Called by the Grave+ 1Predaplant Chimerafflesia+ 1Dark Honest+ 1Return from the Different Dimension+ 1Reinforcement of the Army+ 1Cyber Eltanin+ 1Over Future Fusion+ 1Guardian of Felgrand+ 1Electromagnetic Turtle+ 1Cyberdark End Dragon+ 1Power Bond+ 1Honest+ 1Cyberdark Dragon+ 1Cyberdark Horn+ 1Cyberdark Inferno+ 1Cyberdark Cannon+ 1Cyber Dragon Sieger+ 1Burial from a Different Dimension+ 1Dark Hole+ 1Pot of Greed+ 1Cyberload Fusion+ 1Soul Drain Dragon+ 1Chaos Dragon Levianeer+ 1Cyber Dragon Herz+ 1Cyber Dragon Nova+ 1Cyber Dragon Drei+ 1Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit+ 1Cyber Emergency+ 1Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand+ 1Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon+ 1Cybernetic Horizon+ 1Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju+ 1Pot of Acquisitiveness+ 1Chimeratech Overdragon+ 1Cyberdark Realm+ 1Armored Cybern+ 1Pot of Avarice+ 1Soul Absorption+ 1Cyber Dragon+ 1Leng Ling+ 1Dragon's Mirror+ 1Dark Hole Dragon+ 1Cyber Twin Dragon+ 1Painful Choice+ 1Future Fusion+ 1Cyberdark Edge+ 1Chimeratech Fortress Dragon+ 1Graceful Charity+ 1Attachment Cybern+ 1Cyberdark Impact!+ 1Elder Entity N'tss+ 1Foolish Burial+ 1Cybernetic Overflow+ 1Cyberdark Claw+ 1Monster Reborn+ 1Cyber Repair Plant+ 1Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon+ 1Call of the Haunted+ 1Effect Veiler+ 1Five-Headed Dragon+ 1Light and Darkness Dragon Lord

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