Deck Animal (via Trolypac) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta
Deck Master: Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree
Deck Version: 0.3
Latest Revision Date: 9th September 2016
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Deck Animal Structure


Credit to Trolypac for Deck submission.

Deck List
Monsters Baby Raccoon Ponpoko x3
Baby Raccoon Tantan x3
Des Koala x2
Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest x3
Nimble Momonga x3
Tree Otter x2
Key Mouse x3
Egotistical Ape x1
Mine Mole x2
Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest x1
Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest x2
Spells Cattle Call x1
Dark Hole x1
Ayers Rock Sunrise x3
Opti-Camouflage Armor x1
Closed Forest x2
Obedience Schooled x3
Supply Squad x1
Solidarity x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x3
Lightning Vortex x1
Traps Ring of Destruction x1
Fiendish Chain x1
Mirror Force x1
Threatening Roar x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Extra Master of Oz x1
Voltic Bicorn x3
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree x1
Lightning Tricorn x1
Thunder Unicorn x1
Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu x3



Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • Cattle Call +1
      Master of Oz +1
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2 thoughts on “Deck Animal (via Trolypac) V0.1

  • November 17, 2016 at 7:30 am



    How come there is no deck strategy posted? I thought that was a requirement for successfully submitting a deck?

  • Avatar
    November 17, 2016 at 8:19 am



    The requirement only enforced recently. We needed decks on the website before and now we want to focus on quality submissions with detailed strategies/combos.

    I’ve already had to discard numerous submissions where users would post something along the lines of “win” for the deck strategy.

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