Dark Magician Deck ft. Buster Whelp

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Dark Magician
Submission Date: October 22nd 2021
Author: Supreme King Z-ARC
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Dark Magician: The Dark Magician element of the deck provides the ability to make "Predaplant Verte Anaconda", whilst also providing other forms of disruption in the form of "Dark Magical Circle" and "Eternal Soul". The deck is relatively consistent, with cards such as "Magician's Rod" and "Soul Servant" to increase the likelyhood of winning. "The Eye of Timaeus" and "Secrets of Dark Magic" both allow access to various toolbox extra deck monsters that Dark Magician has, from "Dark Paladin" being able to wipe out all dragon decks in one hit, to "Dark Magician Girl, the Dragon Knight", which is a great control card that can help you slowly out-resource your opponent. "Destined Rivals" is one of two "Skill Drain"-like cards this deck has to offer, at the mere cost of controlling "Dark Magician". The card is searchable by most of the searchers in the deck, and is very useful when going first against a combo deck.

Buster Whelp: This simple engine allows for the second "Skill Drain"-like effect, plus a few big monsters that can potentially wipe your opponent out in one shot. For the combo, all your require is "Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman". Normal summon "Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman" and use it's ability to add "Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman" from your deck to your hand and set it. Link summon "Linkuriboh" and end your turn. During your opponent's turn, activate your set "Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman" to send "Buster Blader" and "Destruction Sword Memories" from your deck to the GY, and chain the ability of "Destruction Sword Memories" in the GY, to banish "Buster Blader" and "Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman". When the chain resolves, this will summon both "Buster Dragon" and "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman".

Weaknesses: "Imperial Order" and "Anti-Spell Fragrance" (the deck relies heavily on spells to search cards), destroying a face-up "Eternal Soul" (wipes your entire field), negating the firs few searches (the deck really needs to get rolling at the start otherwise it is hard to pick up the pace).

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDark Magician x3
Red-Eyes Black Dragon x1
Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny x1
Buster Blader x1
Apprentice Illusion Magician x1
Dark Magician Girl x1
Magician's Rod x3
Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman x3
Magicians' Souls x3
Illusion of Chaos x3
SpellsThe Eye of Timaeus x1
Red-Eyes Fusion x1
Preparation of Rites x3
Soul Servant x3
Secrets of Dark Magic x1
Illusion Magic x1
Dark Magical Circle x3
Magician's Salvation x1
TrapsMagician Navigation x1
Destined Rivals x2
Destruction Sword Memories x1
Prologue of the Destruction Swordsman x1
Eternal Soul x1
ExtraQuintet Magician x1
Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon x1
Dark Magician the Dragon Knight x1
Dark Master of Chaos x1
Amulet Dragon x1
Dark Paladin x1
Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman x1
The Dark Magicians x1
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight x1
Buster Dragon x1
Number 11: Big Eye x1
Predaplant Verte Anaconda x1
Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden x1
Linkuriboh x1
Relinquished Anima x1
SideSlifer the Sky Dragon x1
Dark Magic Attack x3
The True Name x3
Bond Between Teacher and Student x2
Dark Magic Twin Burst x1
Soul Crossing x3
Dark Burning Magic x1
Magicians' Combination x1
Id#created by Supreme King Z-ARC x1

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