Dark Law & Order ( MARCH BANLIST)

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Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Masked HERO Dark Law
Submission Date: March 29th 2021
Author: bosh
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Basically dark law turbo, alot of strong decks this format can't play thru dark law. The only problem is people have ways to out dark law, but you just have to play smart and protect the dark law at all costs.


Getting out dark law is the most important thing, then you need to back it up with something else like a dystopia or sunrise or have the super poly ready. Sometimes it is worth going for double dark law because outing one is easy but alot of decks cannot out two, but sometimes double dark law is overkill. With sunriser you can stop someone from trying to attack over dark law by using its pop effect. Same idea with dystopia you just need his Atk to be boosted. Also plasma dark law is very strong.


Going second is interesting , it isn't smart to go dark law second. Going second I would try to get out a Sunriser or plasma, preferable both. Trinity is good here aswell. Just do not over kill. Alot of hero players try to make this super fun or the biggest board they can and over commit then lose their board and all their follow up. Do not over commit and play smart. Unless you are 100% sure the other player has 0 outs.


Alot of people are gonna hate me for this but Stratos at 3 is silly. Imagine opening up a hand with just stratos as ur only engine piece, you have no play. So we use stratos at 2 for the hero lives, he is the only a hero lives target, and then the second one is for the grind game and or for utility for its second effect with backrow. Double liquid because Its good for draws and getting dark law out. Also can get you dark law or mask change in the grind game. My destiny hero engine is alittle weird, I cut the second normal destiny hero, so that we use either mali and celestial for D fusions and do not be afraid to use plasma for a fusion destiny. Using mask change 2 bc of dark law turbo but I would run 3 but it is a hard once per turn. So i run two only. searchers are at 2 E calls and 1 rota, and a hero lives. Remember to use e call or rota to bait out ashe if you have a hero lives.


I do not play them but If you commit to a going second build I can see it doing well. The only problem with the going second build is that is chost like $800+ if you run evil heros and the good going second cards like droplet and lightning storm. So if you have the money for it It could be a good build, but I still like this turbo dark law better for the current meta. If everyone likes my profile I would happily put up a going second build that I think would be nice.


I think called by is cracked but could be replaced if you like 3 straos or a different staple. Super poly right now is so strong, that is why I run it just like the Gren maju player who topped the event recently. If your deck can easily run super poly and it helps out ur engine as well, it is stupid to not run it. Also i play ashe generically but it can be sided out with any other good hand trap. The only problem is , do not run cards that conflict with dark law, like ghost belle. Also gamma is good but if you summon it on your own turn, ex. like activate a hero lives , they chain ashe, then you chain gamma, you are now locked out of using cross crusaders effect bc you special summoned a non hero monster. So keep that in mind. That is also the case with super poly, so if you need to use super poly make sure you do not need cross crusader that turn.


Pretty basic, no anki bc i needed more room. Dian bc if they fog blade or imperm your solid soilder you can dodge it and dian helps get out dark law if you can attack with it. Normal ratios for everything else. Two spots for super poly target. Also you can use Trinity as a side spot to put in another super poly target.


Pretty standard, use the 9 spots for good hand traps for decks you think you will face. Always have cards for backrow decks. Also some super poly targets. World chalice dragon is good against decks that link alot. Borreload fusion for dragon link. Great tornado can out winda or appolusa with super poly, and the shining for mechaba and for the dino boss monster. Remember you can super poly with your own face down monsters.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDestiny HERO - Plasma x1
Elemental HERO Honest Neos x1
Destiny HERO - Malicious x2
Vision HERO Faris x3
Elemental HERO Stratos x2
Destiny HERO - Celestial x1
Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier x2
Elemental HERO Solid Soldier x1
Elemental HERO Shadow Mist x2
Vision HERO Vyon x2
Vision HERO Increase x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
SpellsA Hero Lives x1
E - Emergency Call x2
Fusion Destiny x3
Miracle Fusion x1
Polymerization x1
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Called by the Grave x1
Mask Change x3
Mask Change II x2
Super Polymerization x3
ExtraMasked HERO Dian x1
Destiny HERO - Dystopia x1
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x1
Masked HERO Acid x1
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero x1
Elemental HERO Sunrise x1
Masked HERO Dark Law x2
Masked HERO Blast x1
Destiny HERO - Dangerous x1
Mudragon of the Swamp x1
Xtra HERO Dread Decimator x1
Xtra HERO Wonder Driver x1
Xtra HERO Cross Crusader x2
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x3
World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke x1
Borreload Furious Dragon x1
Elemental HERO Great Tornado x1
Elemental HERO The Shining x1
Vision HERO Trinity x1
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Cosmic Cyclone x3
Forbidden Chalice x3
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