Danger! Tribrigade

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Tribrigade Shrike the Wicked Wings
TCG/OCG: TCG/OCG (post Phantom Rage)
Submission Date: August 11th 2020
Author: MrGamecube
YGOPRODeck File Download

The Deck is designed to Link Summon using Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast monsters from the GY. The desired bored can be a Wicked Wings equiped with Dragon Buster Destruction Sword via the effect of Union Carrier to lock our opponent out of the extra deck along with a Cyber Dragon Infinity summoned off of R-U-M Soul Shave Force or simply a Simorgh, Bird of Soverignty to equip Mist Valley Thunderbird to with Union Carrier and a Mist Valley Apex Avian for "infinite" negates.

The ideal play with this deck revolves around pitching either Bigfoot! or Thunderbird! off of the effect of Tribrigade Ceras to Special Summon it from the hand and triggering the effects of the Danger! monsters to remove the appropriate face-up or set threat  on the field while simultaneously filling the GY with Link material for the effects of our Tribrigades.

I wasn't satisfied with the Zoodiac Tribrigade builds and wanted to try something different.


Toggle Deck List
MonsterDanger! Bigfoot! x3
Danger! Thunderbird! x3
Mist Valley Apex Avian x1
Tribrigade Fractaur x3
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn x1
Blackwing - Bora the Spear x1
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite x1
Mist Valley Thunderbird x1
Danger!? Jackalope? x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x2
Tribrigade Ceras x3
Dragon Buster Destruction Sword x1
Tribrigade Navel x3
Effect Veiler x2
SpellsOne for One x1
Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force x1
Pot of Desires x1
Foolish Burial x1
Tribrigade Airborne x2
Tribrigade Line x1
Fire Formation - Tenki x3
TrapsInfinite Impermanence x3
Tribrigade Revolt x1
ExtraNumber 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1
Cyber Dragon Infinity x1
Raidraptor - Force Strix x1
Topologic Zeroboros x1
Tribrigade Shrike the Wicked Wings x2
Accesscode Talker x1
Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess x1
Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty x1
Tribrigade Felidgette the Fruitless Flower x2
Fire Fighting Daruma Doll x1
Raidraptor - Wise Strix x1
Union Carrier x1
Linkuriboh x1
SideZoo King Alpha x1
Danger! Dogman! x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
Effect Veiler x1
Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon x1
Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon x1
Aegaion the Sea Castrum x1
Ice Beast Zerofyne x1
Diamond Dire Wolf x1
Borrelsword Dragon x1
Tribrigade Lugal the Silver Bullet x1
Id#created by MrGamecube x1
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