crystal beast like beat

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Malefic Rainbow Dragon
TCG/OCG: tcg
Submission Date: October 1st 2020
Last Updated: October 24th 2020
Author: redbrick
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the standard crystal beast deck with a tuning side deck

Toggle Deck List
MonsterRainbow Dragon x1
Rainbow Dark Dragon x1
Malefic Rainbow Dragon x1
Crystal Keeper x2
Crystal Master x2
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x2
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle x2
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise x2
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x3
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x3
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x2
Rainbow Dragon, the Zenith Crystal Beast x1
Crystal Seer x1
B.E.S. Crystal Core x2
Chronomaly Crystal Skull x1
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x1
Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion x1
Red Blossoms from Underroot x1
Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries x2
SpellsSuper Polymerization x1
Polymerization x1
Crystal Abundance x1
Crystal Beacon x2
Crystal Blessing x2
Crystal Bond x2
Crystal Promise x3
Crystal Tree x1
Crystal Release x3
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins x3
Terraforming x1
TrapsRoyal Decree x1
Counter Gem x1
Ultimate Crystal Magic x1
Crystal Raigeki x2
Crystal Conclave x1
Crystal Pair x1
ExtraRainbow Overdragon x3
Number 94: Crystalzero x3
Proxy Dragon x1
Marincess Crystal Heart x1
Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow x1
Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut x3
Black Rose Dragon x1
Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys x1
Adamancipator Risen - Raptite x1
SideFlamvell Guard x3
Guardragon Justicia x3
Tune Warrior x3
Water Spirit x3
Adamancipator Crystal - Raptite x1
Adamancipator Crystal - Leonite x1
Adamancipator Crystal - Dragite x1
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