Crusadia “One Punch” Kaiju

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Crusadia Equimax
Submission Date: October 24th 2018
Author: vilsonstratos
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The base of the deck is the typical Crusadia combo to make this ladder of links to get to Equimax and OTK the opponent. Starting primarily on turn two, the entire Deck is set up to maximize the chances of OTK, the very archetype of the Crusadia's already helps a lot with their protection effects like "Crusadia Arboria" and "Crusadia Power" but besides we have Kaijus and World Legacy brackets. Even if it happens to start on turn one, the Deck has means to protect itself well, being able to create a field with two to three interruptions to hold the moves of the opponent. It's a really fun, straight foward and strong Deck to play.

Deck List
MonsterCrusadia Arboria x3
Crusadia Draco x3
Crusadia Leonis x3
Crusadia Maximus x3
Crusadia Reclusia x2
Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju x1
Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x2
Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju x2
World Legacy - "World Crown" x2
World Legacy - "World Lance" x1
SpellsCrusadia Power x2
Crusadia Revival x2
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x1
Kyoutou Waterfront x1
Monster Reborn x1
Pinpoint Landing x1
Pot of Desires x2
World Legacy Succession x2
TrapsCrusadia Krawler x1
Crusadia Vanguard x2
Red Reboot x3
ExtraChimeratech Megafleet Dragon x1
Crusadia Equimax x2
Crusadia Magius x3
Crusadia Regulex x3
Crusadia Spatha x1
Decode Talker x1
Knightmare Cerberus x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Proxy Dragon x1
Underclock Taker x1
SideCyber Dragon x2
Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju x1
Effect Veiler x2
Called by the Grave x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Raigeki x1
Heavy Storm Duster x2
There Can Be Only One x2
Unending Nightmare x1

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