Crow Hogan-Assault Blackwing Arc-V

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder
Submission Date: March 7th 2019
Author: otto90
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Crow Hogan (ARC-V)




He is a Duelist of the Synchro Dimension, and lives in the slums of New Domino City where he takes care of three orphans: Frank, Amanda and Tarren. After the Obelisk Force's attack, Crow becomes one of the few Synchro allies of the Lancers who believes in the threat of Duel Academy and pledges his support, eventually joining the Lancers.


Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlackwing - Bora the Spear x2
Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North x2
Assault Blackwing - Kunai the Drizzle x2
Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake x1
Blackwing - Boreas the Sharp x2
Blackwing - Auster the South Wind x2
Blackwing - Brisote the Tailwind x1
Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night x2
Blackwing - Decay the Ill Wind x2
Blackwing - Elphin the Raven x1
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind x2
Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado x2
Blackwing - Pinaki the Waxing Moon x2
Blackwing - Tornado the Reverse Wind x2
Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow x1
SpellsAgainst the Wind x2
Black Whirlwind x2
Glowing Crossbow x2
Cards for Black Feathers x2
TrapsBlack Thunder x2
Black Sonic x2
Blackwing - Boobytrap x2
ExtraAssault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling x2
Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder x2
Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower x2
Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hider x2
Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm x2
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