Chupi-Roes (HEROs feat. Sunrise)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Elemental HERO Sunrise
Submission Date: October 24th 2019
Last Updated: January 31st 2020
Author: ChupiTrooper
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HEROs are my hands-down favorite archetype, whether it'd be for my love of fast offensive playstyles or seeing the adventures of Jaden Yuki unfold time and time again. And given the support they've gotten this year, nothing made me happier than seeing these bad boys back in style and even crazier than ever. Now, instead of simply one HERO subarchetype reigning a whole deck, all HEROs pop up to make a difference, from all subs and walks of life for one common goal.

The idea of the deck is to go for as quick a satisfying KO as possible by quickly summoning low-level Warrior monsters in the form of HEROs, each with their own outstanding effects and potential, to make way for far more powerful Fusion and Link HEROs. It's not necessarily the "mandatory" way to run HEROs, play whatever you want the way you want. It's simply how I personally enjoy running the deck, and you're more than welcome to substitute things for say, Malicious Bane or Infinite Impermanence if your wallet can take it.

One thing you'll want to do right away is special summon Vision HERO Faris by discarding a HERO from your hand, preferrably Destiny HERO - Malicious, Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, or any of your Miracle Fusion targets. This, in turn, lets you add Vision HERO Increase to your backrow, which you can then activate to tribute Faris and special summon itself to the field, which then lets you bring Vision HERO Vyon about. Vyon is vital as he allows you to send other grave-centric HEROs there, as well as banish Faris or any other HERO from there to search for Polymerization.

Elemental HERO Solid Soldier is vital as both a way to bring out monsters like Stratos and Shadow Mist to the field and a way to recycle HEROs from the grave if it's sent there by a card like Polymerization. Prime targets include the aforementioned Elemental HERO Stratos and Shadow Mist, either for HERO searches, backrow popping, or adding Mask Change to your hand. Destiny HERO - Plasma is also worthwhile given all the extra HEROs on the field you have, being able to take those out to bring itself to the field and let its Skill Drain/Relinquished-esque effects run wild.

Onto the Extra deck, Masked HERO Dark Law requires no introduction, as his ability to lock out important grave-centric cards of your opponent and punish them for searching makes him a must for this deck. That's not to say Masked HERO Anki doesn't have his place, though, boasting high ATK and being able to both attack directly and search for additional Mask Changes. Meanwhile, cards like Destiny HERO - Dystopia and Destiny HERO - Dangerous are the reasons to run Fusion Destiny, Dystopia allowing you to do chip damage while Celestial or Decider are in the grave while gaining ATK from either Dread Decimator, Honest Neos, or Dangerous to pop any card your opponent controls, and Dangerous for fodder to send card like Mali and Shadow Mist to the grave.

Xtra HERO Cross Crusader acts as a free search if a Destiny HERO's in your grave, meanwhile Xtra HERO Wonder Driver allows you to recycle your Poly's and Mask Changes and Xtra HERO Dread Decimator powers up any HERO it points to.

By far the absolute boss monster of the deck is none other than Elemental HERO Sunriser. Requiring generic material to summon, he makes an easy boost to any board of yours, powering up your monsters depending on all the attributes you control and popping a card your opponent controls once a turn when your HERO attacks. Not only that, but he also lets you search Miracle Fusion, helping you set up for Omni-HEROs like Elemental HERO Absolute Zero to act as a ticking time bomb or Elemental HERO Great Tornado for weakening powerful tools.

All in all, HEROs make for an optimal OTK tool if played in the right hands, and I sincerely hope you have as much fun with them as I do.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDestiny HERO - Plasma x1
Elemental HERO Honest Neos x1
Destiny HERO - Malicious x3
Destiny HERO - Dynatag x1
Vision HERO Faris x3
Destiny HERO - Celestial x1
Destiny HERO - Decider x1
Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier x1
Elemental HERO Shadow Mist x2
Elemental HERO Solid Soldier x1
Elemental HERO Stratos x3
Vision HERO Vyon x2
Vision HERO Increase x2
SpellsA Hero Lives x1
E - Emergency Call x3
Fusion Destiny x2
Miracle Fusion x1
Polymerization x1
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Called by the Grave x3
Forbidden Chalice x3
Mask Change x3
ExtraDestiny HERO - Dystopia x1
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero x1
Masked HERO Acid x1
Masked HERO Anki x1
Vision HERO Adoration x1
Vision HERO Trinity x1
Elemental HERO Sunrise x1
Destiny HERO - Dangerous x1
Masked HERO Blast x1
Masked HERO Dark Law x2
Xtra HERO Cross Crusader x2
Xtra HERO Dread Decimator x1
Xtra HERO Wonder Driver x1
SideElemental HERO Core x1
Elemental HERO Great Tornado x1
Elemental HERO Nova Master x1
Elemental HERO The Shining x1
Predaplant Dragostapelia x1
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x1
Elemental HERO Gaia x1
Diplexer Chimera x1
Super Polymerization x3
Magistery Alchemist x3
Red Reboot x1

2 thoughts on “Chupi-Roes (HEROs feat. Sunrise)

  • Avatar
    January 5, 2020 at 1:56 pm



    great decklist, thank you for sharing. I am super excited for liquidman and sunriser to come to the TCG. I just really hope they aren’t as expensive as those evil heroes :(. What are your thoughts on the other hero support cards coming out, will you use those?

  • Avatar
    January 7, 2020 at 7:48 pm



    The other HERO support, eh? Suppose you mean stuff like Magistry Alchemist and Generation Next , as well as the upcoming Elemental HERO Neos Kluger . And to those I say…

    They seem pretty cool. Especially Magistry Alchemist since it’s pretty much a HERO revival for whatever can only be Fusion or Mask Change summoned, like Dark Law or Sunrise itself. I wouldn’t particularly run them in place of something like Red Reboot or Infinite Impermanence, but they’d likely make a nice side deck option. Though I do wanna commend the artist for referencing that one time Jaden snagged a win from his duel with Banner in the artwork for the card.

    Neos Krieger/Kluger is definitely a good pick, since it can deal effect damage depending on whatever battles it and whatnot. It’s especially crazy if you wind up Nibiru-ing your opponent’s field full of amazingly strong monsters, then attacking the resulting token on your opponent’s side with Kluger for an instant effect damage of 8000 and above for game. The second effect, which basically nets you a free Neos Wiseman, may or may not see play, but I’m still excited to see what this new Fusion monster brings to the table. After all, you can easily bring it out with Neos Fusion and could set up future Miracle Contact uses.

    Xtra HERO Hell Diviser seems good for classic HERO builds (i.e. Flame Wingman builds) that require specific monsters, like Avian or Burstinatrix. It might not see competitive play, but I’d likely wave it around when playing with pals and whatnot.

    All in all, I love the way HEROes have just been getting better since last year, and I’m definitely looking forward to what else they do. Plus, the HERO Strike Structure Deck just got re-released for an absolute bargain given what it sets up. Hopefully you’ll be able to have some good luck with ’em, too!

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