Charmers Invoked by Dogmatika

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Spirit Charmers
Submission Date: September 22nd 2021
Author: Slees
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I think this is an easy deck for newcomers to try and get caught up with Yugioh without getting completely stomped on. With the new tins coming out soon, the only expensive cards should be Invocation and Nadir. Dogmatika should drop drastically.

Strategy 1: Nadir Servant combo into Shaddoll Winda on your opponent's turn. Mainphase, use Nadir, send Apkallone to graveyard, add and send Schism to graveyard. Activate Maximus's effect to banish and special summon from hand. Activate her effect to send Ash Dragon and Shaddoll Construct to graveyard. Activate Shaddoll Construct to add Prism trap to your hand and then set and pass turn. End Phase, activate Ash Dragon to add Dogmatika Ecclesia and special summon. Activate her effect to add Dogmatika Fleurdelis. Fleurdelis can be activated during your opponents turn to negate monster effects. Finally, activate Prism trap to special summon Shaddoll Winda.

Strategy 2: Summon Aleister the Invoker and activate effect to add Invocation to hand. Activate Invocation to go into any Invoked monster. Mechaba is good for negating anything if you have the right cards in your hands. The good thing about the Charmers is their attributes, which allows Aleister to go into what he wants.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Grand Spiritual Art Ichirin can negate the first monster effect when you have a spellcaster with 1500def on the field. Dogmatika Ecclesia just so happens to be a spellcaster with 1500 def and is a powerhouse for the deck. If you already have Fleurdelis in your hand, that can give you 2 negates.
  2. Possessed Partnerships can special summon Dogmatika Ecclesia to activate her effect and destroy one face up card on the field. You go +2 and can destroy one of your opponents cards.
  3. Use Unpossessed in weird ways. You can ram your Jigabyte into your enemy to special summon Dogmatika Ecclesia from your deck. Ecclesia and Jigabyte's effects both activate giving you +2 card advantage.
  4. The familiar combo. Battle Phase, ram Jigabyte into a stronger monster and destroy it, activate effect to special summon Ranryu from your deck. Ram Ranryu into the same monster to destroy itself and activate effect. Revive Jigabyte and ram into your opponent's monster again to special summon Inari Fire or Nefarious, depending on what you already have in your graveyard. Inari Fire and Nefarious have an endless loop where they can special summon themselves. The only way for them to be stopped is if they are banished or returned to hand or deck. Getting Inari Fire on the field while you have Nefarious in the graveyard is key. You don't want to use these two as tributes unless absolutely necessary. Once Inari Fire goes to the GY (Unless destroyed by card effect) it will never be reborn from the GY ever again.
  5. Use Terraforming and Metaverse to bait hand traps.
  6. If you draw both Spirit Charmers and Possessed Partnerships, discard Partnerships as you can revive your continuous spells and traps later on.
  7. If you're playing against decks with different attributes, use the Link Charmer monsters to your advantage. Having both Awakening of the Possessed, Unpossessed, and Grand Spiritual Art make them invisible. And you get to special summon one of your opponents monsters from the GY. Pray you don't get feathered dustered.

Side Deck Tips

  • Trismagistus can special summon level 4 spellcasters, which Familiar Possessed meet.
  • I haven't tested Spiritual Light Art yet, but considering you do a lot of banishing extra deck monsters, this may be worth looking into. I assume you can special summon from either banished zone.
  • Use Dark Ruler No More to setup your board.
  • I forgot to sidedeck the Awakening of the Possessed but they should be worth looking into. If you do decide to add some of them, I advise to increase your deck size, to avoid drawing them on the first turn. At 40, I find I draw them too frequently (even just 1 in the deck). Bad luck perhaps.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted x1
Dogmatika Maximus x3
Familiar-Possessed - Aussa x1
Familiar-Possessed - Dharc x1
Familiar-Possessed - Eria x1
Familiar-Possessed - Hiita x1
Familiar-Possessed - Lyna x1
Familiar-Possessed - Wynn x1
Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous x2
Inari Fire x1
Jigabyte x2
Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness x1
Ranryu x1
Aleister the Invoker x3
SpellsAwakening of the Possessed x2
Grand Spiritual Art - Ichirin x1
Magical Meltdown x2
Invocation x1
Nadir Servant x3
Terraforming x1
Spirit Charmers x3
TrapsShaddoll Schism x1
Unpossessed x2
Metaverse x1
Possessed Partnerships x3
ExtraInvoked Mechaba x1
El Shaddoll Construct x1
Titaniklad the Ash Dragon x1
Invoked Purgatrio x1
El Shaddoll Apkallone x1
Invoked Cocytus x1
Invoked Raidjin x1
El Shaddoll Winda x1
Elder Entity N'tss x1
Invoked Caliga x1
Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable x1
Eria the Water Charmer, Gentle x1
Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze x1
Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous x1
Wynn the Wind Charmer, Verdant x1
SideDogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous x1
Dharc the Dark Charmer x1
Lyna the Light Charmer x1
Effect Veiler x3
Trismagistus x1
Dark Ruler No More x3
Dark Spirit Art - Greed x2
Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri x2

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