Chain Burn ft. Kaijus

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
Submission Date: March 8th 2019
Author: Falchion315
YGOPRODeck File Download

Chain Burn combined with Kaijus.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterThe Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode x3
The Winged Dragon of Ra x3
Lava Golem x3
Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju x3
Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju x3
SpellsPot of Desires x3
Pot of Extravagance x3
Raigeki x1
Dark Hole x1
Chain Strike x1
Poison of the Old Man x3
TrapsSecret Blast x3
Just Desserts x3
Secret Barrel x3
Reckless Greed x3
Accumulated Fortune x3
Ring of Destruction x3
Blazing Mirror Force x3
Dimension Wall x3
Magic Cylinder x3
Ceasefire x3
ExtraFusionist x3
Flame Ghost x3
Charubin the Fire Knight x3
Dragoness the Wicked Knight x3
Zombie Warrior x3
SideSpell Shattering Arrow x1
Fairy Wind x1
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