Duel Links Meta Snapshot: January 17th, 2018

A few months ago, I wrote an article on getting started in Duel Links. The article, now embarrassingly outdated, provided a clear path towards Duel Links’ ranked mode. However, when looking back, I realized I had neglected to give readers an adequate understanding of the current ranked climb. Because of this, I’ll be writing a series of tier lists which explain what the top decks are and what they do. This first list includes what I believe are the current top performers, though that’s subject to change with the impending banlist.

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Duel Links: A Primer for Starting Your Journey to Duel World

Yu-Gi-Oh is not well-known for its healthy learning curve and enjoyable new-player experience. While many other card games do a reasonable job of integrating fresh-faced nerds hyped to play whatever awful garbage they just saw on the anime into their TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh’s introductory process involves meticulous reading of a 50-page document, mountains of research about the convoluted combos that lurk in meta strategies, and a tearful three hour grapple with a bottle of wine and the wiki article explaining the damage step.

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