Trinity Decks: How good is your favorite archetype?

How good is your favorite Yugioh archetype in Trinity? This article covers some of the most played Trinity Decks, with links to YDK files you can download and netdeck for the next YGOPROdeck Trinity Cup.

Trinity is an Alternate Yugioh Format, just like how the TCG, OCG, Speed Duels, Duel Links, and GOAT are all different ways to play our favorite card game. It’s a pseudo-highlander format with a Summon Limit, making the Duels have much more player interaction, whilst also increasing depth and complexity in deckbuilding. You can read more about Trinity in the introduction article, or watch the intro video here! 

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Trinity: A Guide to Playing (and Slaying) Orcust Bardiche

Orcust is a deck of wild, fantastic monsters with some of the best lore and in-game flavor of any archetype released in the past half-decade. Their playstyle is unique, intriguing, flexible, and powerful. The archetypal link monsters facilitate board setups which allow you to combo off no matter whose turn it is. Each individual archetype piece allows for recursion from almost any game zone, making them almost impossible to kill.

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