Trinity: A Guide to Playing (and Slaying) Orcust Bardiche

Orcust is a deck of wild, fantastic monsters with some of the best lore and in-game flavor of any archetype released in the past half-decade. Their playstyle is unique, intriguing, flexible, and powerful. The archetypal link monsters facilitate board setups which allow you to combo off no matter whose turn it is. Each individual archetype piece allows for recursion from almost any game zone, making them almost impossible to kill.

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Getting Started in Trinity Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ever wanted to play some Yugioh without the possibility of playing against an FTK, Floodgate, Burn, Extra-Link, or Hand-Loop deck? Trinity is your best bet. With monthly tournaments and an active Discord community, there’s no better time to get started in Trinity! This article concisely covers everything you need to start playing straight away.

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