TCG Meta Snapshot: Salamangreat March 2019

Salamangreats are an archetype made meta by the recent Soulburner Structure Deck. They’re a very consistent combo deck that sets up boards consisting usually of a slew of traps with more hand traps backing them up. The main strength of the deck comes not from the deck’s ceiling, but from its extreme consistency and durability. The abundance of one and two card combos lets you perform the same plays to accrue advantage turn after turn. The deck also has strong OTK potential with link climbing combos.

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TCG Meta Snapshot: Trickstar January 2019

The year is 2019. Trickstars have now been meta viable for nearly eighteen months and – remarkably – very little has changed. Since the last time we took a peek at our Fairy friends, builds have cut cheesy win conditions like Chain Summoning for more consistent game-enders like Cyber Dragon and Dinowrestler Pankratops. The deck boasts an impeccable rogue matchup alongside hyper-specific maindeck answers to meta decks. If you’re looking for a deck with staying power, Trickstar remains a viable option.

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TCG Meta Snapshot: Danger! Dark World FTK November 2018

When the Danger! monsters were revealed in Cybernetic Horizon, duelists quickly devised a strategy to pair them with the older Dark World monsters. The two archetypes’ strategies of discarding seemed made for one another. The deck failed to accomplish much in the metagame until the release of Soul Fusion, however. After Soul Fusion introduced new Danger! monsters, especially Danger!? Tsuchinoko?, a few duelists realized that Danger! and Dark World monsters could form a combined engine to perform a consistent First-Turn Kill.

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TCG Meta Snapshot: Sky Striker November 2018

Heralded as the second coming of Zoodiac, Sky Striker is a strategy that rewards careful, intelligent play. With only one maindeck monster, Sky Striker makes up for its lack of beatdown options with a suite of the most powerful, searchable, and recyclable spell cards the game has ever seen. While the September banlist has diminished the splashability of the engine, Sky Striker still has a home in tier one.

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TCG Meta Snapshot: Thunder Dragon October 2018

Thunder Dragon is an archetype based around the eponymous Thunder Dragon. First released in 2002 in Metal Raiders, Thunder Dragon received legacy support over a decade later in Soul Fusion. This legacy support focuses around Thunder monsters that discard themselves from hand to activate effects, as well as gaining effects when banished or sent from field to grave.

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TCG Meta Snapshot: Sky Striker June 2018

Sky Striker is a dominant meta deck in both the TCG and OCG. It relies on using a set of powerful generic Spell cards that all require the main monster zone to be empty. Their key card, Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!, serves as both the main searcher for the deck and its advantage engine. The biggest issue the deck has in its pure form is putting damage on board due to the monster zone restriction.

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