Card Review: Gallant Granite

Rock monsters have seen a variety of success in rogue strategies over the years. They usually have high DEF values and card effects related to being in Defense Position. This includes EARTH monsters with powerful Flip effects, many of which have the ability to Set themselves after being Flip Summoned. A card that supports these strategies was released in Chaos Impact and is able to set up any Rock monster. It is an Xyz monster that can be a useful addition to more than just Rock decks. This card is Gallant Granite.

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Card Review: Fury of Fire

Since the last banlist, Salamangreat has been knocked off its fiery throne as the most successful competitive TCG deck. In the events that have followed, the deck has seen significantly less representation. However, the consistency of the deck has always been its greatest strength. With the release of new cards to the archetype, Salamangreat could regain its former glory in the coming months. A somewhat recent addition increases the number of special summons Salamangreat can perform in a given turn. This card is Fury of Fire.

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